5 Best Android Smartphones Under $200 in 2014

Android platform has given a range of opportunities to the manufacturers and the consumers alike. One of them is that Android powered devices can be purchased at price as low as $100 unlike iPhones and iPads which are beyond the reach of common man. Genuinely speaking, many of us don’t have those deep pockets to […]


Best Apps to Take Notes Easier and Faster for Android

Many people have the habit of taking notes, because it gives brief idea about what they¬†have seen or heard. Not only that, as notes are permanent and it can refer afterwards whenever we want or to recall something which we have forgotten. Notes are extremely useful in many live events like press conferences, organizational events, […]


Understand WhatsApp Last Seen Better, Before Making Conclusions!

Today is the age of instant messaging and WhatsApp seem to be the most used cross-platform instant messaging service in the world. WhatsApp since its inception in 2009, has been added several features and functionalities up to date. Besides its capabilities of texting, it allows users to share images, videos, audios and even contacts with […]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Custom ROMs for Android

Who don’t want to improve the performance of their devices, whether it is their phone or PC? Phones are become so handy and useful that it’s now even considered as a pet by the mobile lovers. They always love to have a refreshed and updated look to their phone and this has made most people […]


Top 5 Office Suite Apps in Android for Business Professionals

Android devices have tons of applications available in Google Play Store and other Android markets over the internet. These apps provide many utilities and ease to do various tasks on your Android phone for which earlier you were dependent on your computers. Sometimes there is a situation when you need to do some of your […]


7 Best Non-Stock Camera Apps for Android

In the past five years, Android has seen tremendous improvement and is currently the hot favorite mobile OS in the worldwide. Improving camera app is one of the focal point of not only Android OS but also OEMs putting their best effort to give their device an upper edge over others. But there are other […]


How to Unroot/Unbrick and Restore Stock Android on Nexus 5

Even though Android is better performed when rooted, still there are situations we have to unroot and restore the default firmware such as the warranty issues. Unroot a device means, lose the root access, remove the custom recovery and restore all the other customizations done on the OS level. So if you are a Nexus […]


10 Best CyanogenMod Themes for Android Which You Should Try

‘Unique’ is the word that best describes most of our ways, especially when it comes to pampering our gadgets to the dot. And when it comes to the question of making our Android smartphone look unique, apparently the choices are many. Well, the exteriors featuring a plush look depends to a greater extent on your […]


10 Must Have Apps for your Rooted Android Smartphones and Tablets

If you are an Android user then you must already know that Android OS does not offer administrative privileges directly. If you want to gain access over Android sub-system you have to perform rooting procedure. After rooting you will get the superuser or super administrator access of your smartphone and can do whatever you want […]