7 Best Non-Stock Camera Apps for Android

In the past five years, Android has seen tremendous improvement and is currently the hot favorite mobile OS in the worldwide. Improving camera app is one of the focal point of not only Android OS but also OEMs putting their best effort to give their device an

5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

A large amount of activities we perform in our day-to-day computing are driven by data. Last 4-5 years have witnessed a rapid increase in cloud computing services. These services have entered the mainstream and started gaining momentum in order to increase productivity within an organization and also

Best 5 Free Antivirus Apps for Android in 2014

Android operating system is currently the talk of the town and the reason behind its popularity is the extensive range of applications in its portfolio and its open-ended nature for lots of customization. But as the numbers of applications are increasing considerably, so are the chances of