You love your dogs and we know it. Hence, we bring to you a bunch of apps that are specially designed for you and your dog and everything that will help nurture your relationship. Download these apps for an easy dog owner’s life.

Dog Breeds – Informative

Brought to you by Petsie, this app features more than 450 varieties of dog breeds. This is by far one of the biggest collections of information concerned to dog on the Google Play Store. In every section of the dog breed, you get their pictures that are uploaded by their owners. You can use these images as wallpapers too. Every breed has the related information fed below it to enlighten dog owners and dog lovers. You can even be a registered user and see what the app becomes for you.

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Hotels Pet Friendly – Traveling with Dog

Now, you can travel easy with the love of your life, your dog. Hotels Pet friendly is an app that allows you to search for hotels that are pet-friendly. It even lets you book hotel accommodations, without any hassle. Further, the app lets you filter the hotel based on distance, rating, price and popularity. If you are hunting for more information, the app shares the pet policy of every hotel. This way, you can check in at the hotel without any last minute difficulties. When you are done with stay, search for dog-friendly parks or restaurants in the vicinity. You can even know if there are any dog events happening in the area.

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Dog Food Nutrition – Diet of the Dogs

Often, you wonder about the diet of the dogs and all the hassles related to it. But, with this app, dog diet hassles are a passé. Monitor the diet of your pet with this app, which acts like a food log for you. Here, you can keep the food amount and time for exercises for your dog. Consult your vet and keep the app updated about the diets related to your pet. You can easily make your pet shed those extra pounds.

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Dog Training

Although you love your pet, training him is a big headache and a stage you would love to skip. However, Dog Training app is ready to take all your troubles of training. The app breaks down the training session into nine topics that are easy to follow. It includes crate training, teaching sits, and other topics. The topics have been categorized into videos and are simple to understand due to precision and short length. All the videos are led by trainer. Also, you can keep track of the progress by checking off topics that your new pet has learned. What more! You can even print your customized diploma once the pet passes the complete course.

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MapMyDogwalk – Tracking your pet

Among the many MapMyWalk activity tracking apps, this one is quite interesting for you. You can log in the route of your walk with dog. It tracks the route and even displays the time, pace, elevation, distance and speed in real-time. The app calculates the calories that you have burned by walking. You can even manually enter your data for work-out that results through different indoor activities. It will soon become your favorite fitness app.

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Dog Boogie – Click the Pic

Your dog is your world and you love clicking his pics. But, alas he does not look in the camera and even not interested in getting images clicked. However, this app is something that makes your pet interested in getting clicked. Dog Boogie offers sound effects that make your pet look at the camera. It even offers interesting filters along with social networking element. This app allows you to follow users within it. After clicking a picture, share a picture on social media through the app.

This app is not available for Android yet, but we feel it deserves a special mention here for its awesomeness and may be the developers think to launch an android version too.

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These are just some of the apps that will bring your dog closer to you. Besides, there are apps even designed to entertain your pet and keep him engaged throughout the day. Download these apps today and set the benchmark for a good dog owner.


  1. Hello Jose,
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    Great informative post yet.. I wish to need this apps, you know. I am a pet lover boy and I was really unaware about this types of apps is really available! But reading this article was great beneficial for me and I have learned many new apps for pet lover.

    Actually, each and every apps are more useful but the app, which I like most from this list is Dog training. I hope, this very useful and necessary app to make trained our dog because due lack of time we can’t provide them training which is a matter of headache but using this app, it will easy to make trained our
    lovely dog.

    Thanks for providing the knowledge about these important and useful apps.. 🙂

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