Are you in a mood to change your browsing experience of your Android? Good! Android provides number of alternatives you can always get a better experience than your stock browser. Even though the stock browser of Android gets the job done, you have so many options that are even faster, lighter, stronger than the stock one. We have concluded 7 best browsers for android smartphones and tablets in this article to help you to make a wise choice. Each browser contains a brief explanation and mentioned a few features which standout. This is not a head-to-head comparison on benchmarks, but to let you know that there are choices other than the inbuilt Android browser, which you can utilize.


Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is our first pick for the web browser for android smartphones and tablets. It excels over other browsers with its capability to add “add-ons” as you want. By using these add-ons you can easily add up various features to your browser as per your specific needs. The browser is faster and smoother and allows customizing the home screen with shortcuts to favorite sites and apps, voice and gesture control, and is adaptable to the user settings. It has a very good-looking user interface and it also allows to do the tabbed browsing. It supports the flash if Flash is installed in your device, which is not many browsers do in these days. Other notable features include:

  • Supports multi-touch and double-tap zoom
  • Has more than 50 useful add-ons include Evernote, Jetpack and ad blockers.
  • Smart address bar to auto complete previous visited sites and bookmarked results.
  • Offers one-swipe access to bookmarks, add-ons and apps.
  • Adding apps is easy and organize them for a single touch.

Opera Browser

Opera web browser is light, clean and flexible. It runs fast and it is loaded with features which support latest android devices. It lets the user to browse even though the speed of the internet is slow by activating the Off-road mode. The browser is loaded with downloaded manager which can search the music and movies from the internet. It has a private browser mode lets us to make a secure browsing. It shows our favorite website on the top for ease and speedy access. If your mobile is not compatible with the latest version of Opera browser you can also use Mobile Classic or Opera Mini. It does not offer Dolphin’s add-ons or Chrome’s simplicity but it does provide the most full-throated multimedia support. This is the most HTML5 ready browser out there in the play store.

Chrome Browser

Chrome browser for Android loads the webpages better than the others. It also supports most of its desktop counterpart’s elements like incognito browsing, omnibox, to name a few.  It speeds up itself by using the features like page loading, scrolling and zooming. It is easy to switch in between the numerous tabs. It has got its own privacy mode and gives a safe and secure platform for the users. However chrome does not supports Flash in any way and the browser required Android 4.0+.

Firefox Browser

The Firebox browser starts up in less time and loads the pages fast. If you are a plug-in junkie, Firefox will provide you lots of extensions like LastPass password manager, Evernote, and Adblock Plus to name a few which allows to use your browser just the way you want. It supports the wide range of video formats and plays them with ease. It supports HTML5 and web APIs but lacks the multimedia dexterity of its challengers, especially for Flash content.

ONE Browser

ONE Browser a simple and elegant user interface. It has an automatic switching system which changes to basic view in 2G networks to get the better speed. Downloading optimization makes it continue with downloads even when we are attending a call. It has got a duel engine which switches for nice and decent display. It allows the user to customize the font size for flexibility. It also allows to capture selected area or any page to save and share without any extra add-ons.



Featured as one of the essential apps on playstore by Google, Flynx has come a long way since its inception. Flynx has a unique way of loading webpages which helps the quick access without actually leaving the current app. Its ‘quick read’ mode option gets rid of ads and loads only relevant content saving the time and data. You can also save articles to your device which you can read offline later.

Mercury Browser

First launched on iOS platform, Mercury Browser made a huge fan base before coming to Android. It has a long list of features and provides a very refreshing browsing experience. Mercury  browser is more concentrated on security and privacy more than any other browser in the list. The browser also supports flash, ad-block, gesture controls, and you can also set your search engine preference very easily.


There are number of web browser apps available for the users which one can choose as per the personal preference. At the end of the day if we have to pick one however, our best bet will be Dolphin Browser for speed, features, and most importantly add-ons. Have a secure and easy browsing by selecting the perfect browser for your daily use.