Although Android’s UI is flawless and perfect in its own way, it gets boring seeing the same home screen on your phone and being victimized by a certain monotony. Same icons, same lock screen, same background, same layout! It all crates a compelling feeling to change how your OS looks. But what would be the best layout to change it to?

Windows 8 was a completely new way of laying out a user interface on your desktop. Tiles are symmetrically spaced and offer an easier way for you to operate your system. The simplicity in the User Interface of Windows 8 is totally elegant, whatever you want to open up, click the respective tile. Seems easy doesn’t it? Too EASY! Easy enough to be used for smartphones instead of desktop computers or even tablets. The windows 8 design suits the phone layout more than a desktop because of its easy access and time saving design. So, that’s what we’re going to be talking about here; adding a windows 8 layout to your Android device.

Fake Windows 8 – Launcher

The metro style layout of windows 8 can be obtained through an app known as Fake Windows 8 Launcher. It can be use to suit your Android UI up in a windows 8 start up coating.

The tiles are arranged in a Smartphone format so the tiles can fit the screen. Username, Tile names, background color, pinning tiles of your choice, all these can be altered thus making this launcher a highly customizable one. Other magnificent features include; setting a wp8 lock screen, adding Android widgets to tiles and changing the size of the tiles.

Fake Windows 8 – Launcher at Google Play

Launcher 8

The Launcher 8 app provides a brand new Windows 8 style UI for the users of Android. It’s easy to customize and design to make it look exactly like Winodws phone 8 layout. There are more than one hundered types of theme colors to choose fr the layout. The Launcher 8 app also supports wp8 style lock screen and status bar.

Launcher 8 at Google Play

Windows 8 for Android

This launcher is smart, accurate and almost same as the Fake Windows 8 launcher, the additional feature that it has is the auto hide bar that lists all the apps and games you’ve put there. It’s a slide in bar, just like the one on Facebook app.

The cons are that this is not applicable to tabs, unfortunately and that some of the apps have blank backgrounds, which do give a windows touch but eliminates the ideal home screen we are trying to get. The launcher is available at Google play store for $1.99.

Windows 8 for Android at Google Play

Windows 8 Go Launcher Ex

This launcher is not what you would call an ideal windows phone 8 layout, rather it is a fusion of Android and Windows. The tiles are not exactly the same as the default Windows 8 User Interface, they are fairly the same as before, but the simplicity and elegance of windows 8 is not hindered. The layout still appeals in an attractive way and the icons are designed in a minimalistic manner. So, if you’re looking to experience a radical Windows 8 – Android type User interface, Windows 8 Go launcher is what you want!

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Final Words

There are numerous other options available in the Google Play to achieve Windows 8 interface for your Android smartphones and tablets. Have you installed any of the app to make your device looks like Windows 8? Which your favorite one? Let’s discuss in the comments section.