Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Custom ROMs for Android

Who don’t want to improve the performance of their devices, whether it is their phone or PC? Phones are become so handy and useful that it’s now even considered as a pet by the mobile lovers. They always love to have a refreshed and updated look to their phone and this has made most people to change their ROM of Android devices to enhance the performance and features. It is wise to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of loading custom ROMs on your Android.


What is a ROM?

ROM is the software that runs on the Android devices which is stored in the Read Only Memory. To classify, ROMs are of two types – Stock ROM and Custom ROM.

Stock ROM – It is provided by the manufacturer and the version varies as per the policies of the company. It also limits the access of tech savvy’s.

Custom ROM – This version is developed by a developer or hacker that enables the users to customize their applications or software, thereby improving the performance drastically.

There are both advantages and disadvantages in using custom ROMs for Android devices. Before loading custom ROMs, you need to root your android device. Rooting will help you to change your privilege from “guest” to “super user”. When you buy the device, you will be having only guest privilege since you will not be able to access all the codes as the manufacturer locks it up. It is considered as a protective measure, but the tech savvy’s are disappointed by this action as they cannot use many potential features or update it.

Advantages of using custom ROMs

  • Updated versions: You can load the latest and available Android versions which can make your old phone look new.
  • Great number of feature filled custom ROMs: It will be a chaotic task for you to find the apt one as there are bunches of great custom ROMs available for different devices.
  • Personalization: There are a number of features that can be customized to suit your taste and working environment. For instance, Custom themes can bring a new look and feel to your device.
  • Improve performance: The custom ROMs allow its users to find out the unnecessary apps they have on their device and helps them to get rid of them, thus increases the speed of processing and improves battery life.
  • Install Apps on SD card: This is currently not possible with stock ROMs. If your phone ran out of space occasionally when install new apps this is a killer feature to have.
  • Better signal and quality: Custom ROMs help you to improve your base-band which in turn increases the signal and quality of your phone call.

Disadvantages of Using Custom ROMs

  • Bricking: This is one of the main reason why people hesitate to root their devices. Some devices after the rooting process may become useless and the only option left with you is to get a new one as the manufacturer will cancel the warranty if they find any attempts of rooting.
  • Loss of all Data: When you install a new custom ROM, it will clean up your system and therefore you will loss all your installed apps and data.
  • Risk Factor: Most of the apps will be open source and the trust you have on developers may cause a potential risk to you in the future.
  • Reboot: If the rooting is not successfully done, the device may enter to an infinite loop of booting.

Here, we have listed some of the pros and cons of using custom ROMs, so make it sure that you seek the advice of a professional before making a move.

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