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Things to Remember

Download Files

Step 1: Download both CM file and Gapps files to your Computer.
Step 2: Now, connect your device to your computer with the help of a USB cable and copy the downloaded ROM and Gapps files into the root directory of your device’s internal/external memory.
Step 3: Switch off your device completely.
Step 4: Boot it into “CWM Recovery Mode”. To do so, Press and hold “Volume down + Home + Power Key” together for a few seconds.
Step 5: In the CWM Recovery menu, perform the “Wipe Data / Reset” and “Wipe Cache Partition” tasks to delete the existing data.
Step 6: Go to advanced and perform “Wipe Dalvik Cache”
Step 7: Go back and from the CWM Recovery main menu, choose “install zip from SD card” option -> select the ROM file -> tap “Yes”; now the installation process will start.
Step 8: The installation process might take some time, so please wait for the completion.
Step 9: Once the ROM installation is completed, you have to follow from “Step 7” again and this time you have to choose “Gapps” file instead of ROM file.
Step 10: Once the all the processes are completed successfully, do “reboot your device” from the CWM Recovery main menu.


  1. ***Icompatible Android ROM detected****

    This GApps package is for Android 4.3 Only

    ***GApps Instalation failed****
    Then, Restore with My 4.1.2 backup

    • Hi, so what do you think about it? Any issues? I would like to install it my girlfriend’s ace 2 so I would really appreciate if you could write your experience.

  2. Music with Bluetooth don’t work for me. The phone connects and plays music for
    a few seconds and then the connection breaks down. And repeat, repeat, repeat.