Click!!! And the memory is captured forever. Nowadays, people find moments that need to be captured every now and then. And it’s tedious to carry an exclusive camera for the same. Thanks to camera feature in smartphones, it has become easier for many people to click and capture. However, a phone camera cannot perform at its best at times. And hence, we have camera apps at our rescue. We have listed some of the best camera apps to make your android phone click savvy.

Open Camera


Light in weight, high in speed, Open Camera is here for you. It’s free of cost and that’s another best thing about it. This camera app has features like ISO, manual focus and even exposure time. If you are one of those who require clicking pictures instantly, then the app even offers a widget that can be added to home screen. This allows taking pictures with a single press. There are many options offered in the app that allows you to make your pictures look great, complete with customizations.

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One of the finest Android camera apps that you need for your phone, VSCO Cam offers a whole lot of customization features. The quality of adjustments of this app is also far better. VSCO Cam blends the feature of camera together with editing. It also offers sharing functions, offering Instagram-ish experience to the user. The features like temperature, contrast, sharpen gauges, tint are excellent and gives user the best of everything. However, the down side of VSCO Cam is that users might not find it friendly to use. It takes quite some time to adjust and understand the menu and layout.

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A Better Camera

A Better Camera it is, for the standard Android cell phones. This camera app offers a varied number of features that are not only interesting but quite useful too. One of the features is Bestshot – it takes several photos in succession and then offers the user that picture which is the most impressive one, without any blurs. If you desire to post a pic immediately on your social media page, then the app even offers immediate post-processing. This feature is seldom available even in the best camera apps. The slide-out grid layout too is notable. What more! You can even record videos in real-time with HDR. However, the downside of this app is that some of the best features are only available through in-app purchase. This makes it quite tedious and irritating. The features are very good and if you like clicking, then you can easily recover the investment.

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Google Camera

The very own camera app of Google, it offers many things that other apps do not. Beginning with a clean and easy-to-use interface, Google Camera offers only a handful of manual settings. Alas, there are no white balance, filters, ISO and other features. However, it has Panorama modes, Photo Sphere and other features that work through the mechanism of follow-the-dots. The Lens Blur features helps create a depth of field effect. Take a photo and then raise the phone slowly. The app now creates a blurred background, making the object stand out. The Photo Sphere setting is impressive as it creates a 360-degree picture that the user can view by moving the screen. However, the downside of the app is that it might not work on some devices and even crash at times. Give it a shot to experience the excellent features, nevertheless.

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Manual Camera

If you are hunting for that very professional manual camera app, then your search ends at the Manual Camera. It stands for its name. Expert Photographers who need just the best for their clicks favour the Manual Camera. This app offers a number of settings, often absent in other camera apps. If you are one of those who cannot do away with Shutter Speed, exposure compensation, focus or white balance, then you are at the right place. The user gets to control every little thing, every tiny detail of the picture. What more! The user can now even save the pictures in the RAW format. Transform your smartphone into a professional camera with the Manual Camera app. However, the downside of this app is that it does need several new APIs from the Android 5.0 Lollilop. This means that app is only available to those whose phone has received the updated version.

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Camera360 Ultimate

One of the most favorite apps, Camera360 Ultimate is an app that can do anything and everything for you. Before clicking a picture, the app uses the lens-filter system. The user does not need to wait for editing and fixing the picture. It can be done beforehand. There are several options and tons of effects available to experiment with the picture. One of the very user-friendly camera apps, it offers many features on the same screen, making it easy for the user. With this, the user can perform multiple settings at one go.

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Effect Express – Pip Camera

Effect Express-Pip-Camera-andromint

An image editor, Pixr Express – Effect Express is an app that needs to be used with other camera apps. It’s the most impressive editor by far. The user gets to experiments with a range of effects that are unavailable in other camera apps. Fix your photo, alter it and give it a look that it’s worthy of, with Pixr Express. The app auto corrects the image and adjusts heal, splash and focus on its own. If you like Photoshop, you will find the experience quite similar. Add text, stickers, frame and a lot more to your photos to make them stand out.

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These are just a bunch of camera apps that we liked from the whole gamut available. Experiment with the camera apps and choose the one that fits your bill.