Download Wikipedia to Your Android Device Easily [How to]

Now you can download the entire Wikipedia or selection of pages to your android device through a simple app called Kiwix. By downloading the Wikipedia database you can read any article...
Benefits of Rooting Your Android Device

Top 6 Benefits of Rooting Your Android Device

The 'Rooting' is a buzz word in the Android community. If you are someone who wonder what's rooting, what are the benefits of it and what are the disadvantages of rooting a device;...

HTC Sense 5 – The Features of New UI from HTC

The smartphone market is now almost flooded with the Android smartphones and all giants have good numbers of Android phones present in the market. All the smartphones released by them comes...
htc one m7

Most Anticipated Android Phones in 2013

The year, 2013 might bring some very exciting android OS smart phones. Here are some much-anticipated phones that might make a grand entrance this year to the Android world which will...
Android better than ios

10 Reasons Why Android is Still Better than iOS

It has been very interesting to experience the battle between two major mobile operating systems - Apple's iOS and Google's Android. These two have shared a sense of duopoly in market...