If you want to watch movies as well as TV shows on your Android smartphone you will get many options in the Android market. But the problem is most of the applications do not work well, some just give us links to watch them online on our browser and some applications do not function properly on all devices. Here we see an application called Crackle which unlike other application allows you to watch Movies as well as TV Shows totally free. We analyzed the application and here is what we came to know about it.



Crackle is available for the Android devices that run on Android 2.2 Froyo or above. The application is compatible with nearly two dozen smartphones. The tablet compatible version of Crackle is still not available in the app store but will be available soon to the users. But the application works like a charm on the compatible devices having good internet connection.


The movies and TV series that is present on Crackle are not very good but acceptable keeping in mind that application is available free of cost. The movies that are present are mostly classics. There are some very classic movies but are very hard to find in the application. The TV series present on the application is mostly US content of era and ilk, while a lot of much better stuff is being published in form of small episodes called ‘minisodes’ (short five minute clippings of thirty minute shows). There are some parts that frustrated us a lot, like the apps trumpets its collection with full series of Seinfield, genuine Donnie Brascoeas well as the Ghostbusters movie etc. All we can do is assume that the issue may be related to licensing, and also the US users are going to enjoy the content of this app much more than others.



The quality of the movies and TV shows is a bit disappointing as we expected a lot more from this application. The quality of the video that streams over the mobile phone is not that great. The videos are pixilated as well as searching of movies more than featured carousel to the front and most popular section is not very easy. But this hardly matters when we consider the small price we pay for the decent and featured movies that the app offers to its users. One of the features of Crackle that you are going to love is that the application does not forget the point where you leave your last movie or TV show in case you are not able to complete it.

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The Verdict

Overall if we put all the things together, the application is good in looks, provides awesome playback, is intuitive as well as free of cost which makes it worth downloading for those people who like to watch 90s TV shows and movies. We do not expect this application to provide hours of entertainment because of its limited and classic content but you can have this application on your Smartphone if you have empty space in it and you need a free app to keep yourself busy and entertained for some time.