Rovio Entertainment, the company behind Angry Birds announced a new series of the popular game. The new game named Angry Birds Friends is available for Android and iOS platforms and moreover it’s FREE.

The Angry Birds Friends is based on one of the most popular Facebook game with the same name. The game interacts with your friends in Facebook and engages in permanent competition. The game has no ending just like its Facebook version so that the fans will never get bored.

Download Angry Birds Friends APK

You have to login with your Facebook user name and password play the game. As soon as you enter, it automatically syncs with your game on Facebook and you will be able to see where your stand is compared to your friends instantly.

It’s more of a social gaming experience where you can invite your friends to play the game and you can even challenge your friends for various trophies like bronze, silver and Gold.

There will be weekly tournaments where you can show off your gaming skills to the community. The tournaments will be played with new levels every week and you should require more attention and practice if you want to outscore your friends.

The first tournament of Angry Birds Friends will be happening on May 6th, so download the app now and practice if you want to take a part on it. You should train yourself and get used to the new game statics and bonuses you can use before you enter the tournament.

It won’t be wrong to say Angry Birds Friends seems to be the most interesting game developed by the popular company so far. Currently Angry Birds Friends is one of the top free most downloaded apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

You can download Download Angry Birds Friends APK 1.0.0  from here.

Click here to download Angry Birds Friends from Google PLAY store.