The latest version of Google Keyboard finally reached at Play store and Google started to rolling out the update to the android users. The other two popular keyboards in Android, Swype and SwiftKey announced their keyboard updates recently so Google was forced to push their update without any choice. The Google Keyboard 2.0, brings a lot of new features for the end users like able to add emojis in any text (irrespective of the app) and space aware Gesture Typing.

Soon after the launch of Nexus 5, there was a Google Keyboard APK pulled from the stock app was available for non KitKat users. The latest version available through Play store is 2.0.18933.905102a which is not much far from the Nexus 5, which is version 2.0.19003.893803a. The latest version works with any Android 4.0+ Jelly Bean and it brings most of the Nexus 5 exclusive features to extend to other android smartphones.

The noteworthy features of Google Keyboard 2.0 includes that people can now swipe multiple words without lifting their finger and emojis are built-in which can be used in any app. But some features like full-color emoji is still required KitKat to function.

It’s important to note that Google will be doing slow and steady roll out to various devices as per schedule so it may take further days or weeks to reach to your phone. But the good news is that we have already got the APK file so you can download it from the below link and simply install it just like any other APK installation.

Download Google Keyboard 2.0 APK

The APK file is signed by Google and the cryptographic signature confirms that the file is safe to install not tampered in any way. Download the APK file from the below link and simply tap on it to install like any other APK file. The new installation will replace the existing Google Keyboard app in your device.

Download Google Keyboard 2.0 APK – Link

What do you think about the latest features in the Google Keyboard? Is it good enough to ditch Swype and SwiftKey on your smartphone?