Are you the one who always missed the Blackberry Messenger Service on your Android smartphone? Then, this is the news you have been waiting for! The official version of BBM for Android is now rolled out to the Play store.

This is the first time the BBM service will be available on non-Blackberry devices. You can download the app by simply login to the Play store link given below.


Some Interesting Quick facts about BBM

  • More than 60 million active users per month.
  • More than 51 million active users daily who uses the platform on an average of one and a half hours every day to chat with their friends and colleagues.
  • BBM users send and receive more than 10 billion messages each day. It is almost twice when compared to other popular mobile messaging apps.
  • Users read almost half of BBM messages within 20 seconds of being received which shows the customers are really engaged.

BlackBerry added some instruction videos on their official YouTube channel to educate the new users of the service which you can find them here.

My Facebook news feed is filled with BBM pins for the last few hours, so it seems to be taking off well. Once the BBM will be available to all the major mobile platforms it will be interesting to know how it gives competition to famous cross-platform IM apps like WhatsApp and WeChat.

Download BBM for Android


Download BBM for Android APK (BBM APK download link has been temporarily withdrew at BlackBerry’s request.)

Edit 10/22/2013 : BlackBerry reported a problem with the current APK and pause the roll out of its BBM app for Android from the Play store. Those who have already downloaded the app can continue using it.

Edit 10/22/2013 : It’s back now.

Have you tried the BBM for Android on your device? Share your views through the comments section.

[Via BB Blog and Source]