If you are one of those Android users who switched from iPhone or perhaps own an iPod or iPad then you must be aware of this fact that iOS Facebook app is way ahead of the Android Facebook app when it comes to the set of features it offers and the liveliness in the user experience. I personally owned an iPhone previously and recently switched to Android, but I must admit that during the days when I own an iPhone I always used to check my Facebook through my phone and barely opened my laptop to access Facebook. But now I barely check my Facebook from my phone because the Facebook app is not at all worth.

In addition to that, previously I often used to download my photos directly to my iPhone from Facebook and save those cool moments in the phone. But now when I switched to Android the official Android app of Facebook does not have the option to download photos directly to the phone and this thing disturbs me a lot. However, after getting a bit on my skates I finally found a way by which Facebook photos can be downloaded directly to the Android device through a cool application. This app is available with the name “PhotoDownloader for Facebook” on the Google Play.


PhotoDownloader for Facebook helps the users to download all the Facebook photos with a simple tap. Users can download either single photo or the whole albums through this app. There are two versions of this app available; one of them is free version where as the other one is paid version with the price tag of only $0.99. The main difference between both are that the free version is ad supported whereas the paid version is free of ads. The paid version also supports to download the photos in full resolution.

Practically this app is really easy to use but just in case you are a newbie and a bit of confused then we cover the step by step to walk through you.  After following steps mentioned below you will be able to download Facebook Photos directly to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Steps to Download Facebook Photos Directly To Your Android Using PhotoDownloader app

Step 1 –  The first step required is obviously to download the PhotoDownloader for Facebook app on your Android by heading over to the Play store.

Download PhotoDownloader for Facebook

Step 2 – After you are done with downloading and installing this app on your Android , open the app and login with your Facebook credentials and authorize the app when ask

Step 3 – Once login is done, you can be able to explore your pics from the main screen and friend’s pics by clicking on “Friends”.
Step 4 – Once you are on the targeted photo or the album, use check box to select and tap on “Download”.
The photo(s) will be downloaded to your phone Gallery.

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