As promised by Google in I/O event that Android Google Maps will be updated with some great features and a clean interface experience, and it has finally arrived. Recently, Google rolled out the major update of Google Maps to users of Android 4.0.3 and above. This major update has more features than we have expected. Let’s have a look over updated features.

Overview of Features added in Google Maps

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Expanded Search

Searching for the best place to eat, drink, shop, and sleep, but didn’t find any? No problem, open the new Google maps, simply tap the search box and you’ll find the list of best places to eat, drink, shop and sleep. Explore your search and locate new & interesting places even without typing.

Better Navigation

That’s a disgusting moment, when you are in a hurry to go somewhere and due to some incident traffic jam occurs. But now let Google Maps to decide your route. Based on the current traffic conditions, Google has added two great features which help you to easily navigate around traffic. Now, you can get the real-time incident happens on the road as well as it automatically informs you about the best route to reach destination faster.

Designed for Tablets

Now you can explore the world on a larger screen, i.e., Android tablets and iPads. The latest update brings all the features of this new app to Tablets for smooth scrolling, better visuals and much more fun.

Rating System

Google avails a new 5.0 rating system, which allows you to rate as well as a quick read on how your friends and others rate the places like restaurants, bars and cafes. Need an expert’s opinion then go for the Zagat badge of excellence and predefined lists available in to search results to find top rated places faster.

Share the real-time location

Now you can easily locate your friends and family on a map by local sharing and check-ins options to Google+.

Offline Maps renamed as “OK maps”

Google has removed the offline map feature, instead of that they have introduced a new feature called “OK maps”. This feature allows you to create your own offline map just by tapping “OK maps” in the search box. As of now this feature is not enabled in this release, but it’s a future concept.

With all these features you can easily navigate the world and start exploring the best places easily and faster. Hence, we can say that the Google Maps app is updated to make our life better in a unique way!

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