Download Odin Latest Version 3.09, 3.07 and all Earlier Versions

Odin is developed by Samsung to help its android smartphone users to update its firmwares. It is an alternative to the Samsung Kies mini and is a very handy tool to update your phone. It is a free to use software that runs on the Windows operating system. Simply download ODIN and install is the best available option for flashing a custom ROM. Flashing is a term that is part of the ever-growing mobile lingo dictionary and it means updating or modifying your firmware; stored in the flash memory or the ROM of your smartphone.

How to use ODIN

You don’t need to be a tech expert to be able to use Odin. You just need to download the appropriate ODIN file to your computer system and run it directly, there is installation required. You need to connect your android device via a USB cord during the process. There aren’t much system requirements for this except that the Samsung USB drivers need to be installed on your PC. This will be done automatically, the first time you connect your phone via the USB cable to your computer.

Once this is done, then upgrading your phone firmware is a breeze. You can even install a custom ROM onto your system using Odin. The file types that Odin uses are *.bin,*.tar and *.tar.md5.

ODIN Download

There are several options that you can use on ODIN and some of them are; F.reset time (resetting the flash counter after upgrading the firmware), Auto-reboot (A handy option that reboots your phone automatically after you are done flashing your phone), LED control, Re-partition and flash control.

How to install Odin

There are several versions of Odin available on the net. You have to find out which version is supported by your smartphone and install the same from the list given at the end of this article.

If you have a latest Android smartphone, it is always better to install the latest version; if you are still using the earlier versions of ODIN; update it now so that you can use the version that has all the previous bugs fixed and that makes the flashing of your phone a much simpler process. Even though not all the mobiles support the latest versions, so if you face any issues with the latest version, try with an earlier one.

To install ODIN, first you need to download the zip file from the link given below. Then you need to extract the files from the zip folder. You can save this file anywhere as there is no specific location where you need to save these files.

Next you need to connect your android smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. Then switch off your phone for 30 seconds and then switch it on to ODIN mode by press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons together (The key combination may be different in some models, let us know in comments section if it doesn’t work for you).

Open the ODIN software that you extracted on your system. Once the window opens check the options based on your requirement. Click on ‘auto reboot’ and check ‘PIT’. PIT is another option for downloading files on ODIN, it is Partition Information Table. If you select this option, then the *.pit files that are available in the firmware upgrade can be browsed by you. Then select the .pit file you need to upgrade your firmware. Then press Start. Your phone will be upgraded and automatically rebooted, once the process is complete.

Download Odin

Odin version 3.09 is released recently with some new features. This new sleek version is compatible with all editions of Windows Operating System. It has a new user interface and the performance is also improved. The latest version have two new features named Auto-start and Binary Size.

Download Odin 3.09 – Link 1 / Link 2

Download Odin V3.07 – Link

Download All Earlier Versions of ODIN

Odin Download V3.06 – Link

Odin V3.04 – Link

Odin Version 1.85 – Link

Odin Version 1.83 – Link

Odin Multi Downloader All versions (v4.28, v4.29, v4.34, v4.38, v4.42, v4.43 and v4.44) – Link

If you face any issues to download or install Odin, let us know in comments.

  • Gerva

    Thanks for the tool.

  • raphael

    any ODIN version that will run on mac book pro?

    • Aysha

      I’m running ODIN under WINE on a Mac. Maybe a little inelegant, but it gets the job done so far.

      Maybe you’ll have similar luck?

      • D

        Did you use Crossover or something else? I tried in the past and could not get it to work on a droid Charge. I want to unlock my bootloader with Casual on my Note 2 but need a safety net if it fails and bricks my device. Kinda paranoid.

  • Michael

    Thank God and you! My phone was stuck when I booted it, then I downloaded ODIN and it’s not stuck anymore. Thanks again!

  • heshanthaka

    will odin work for any android device ???

    • andromint

      Odin is a tool developed by Samsung and it works on their devices only.

  • JK

    What is the difference betweeen Odin and Odin Multi Downloader? Any?

  • ajay saini

    plz tell me that can i upgrade my micromax a45 android 2.3.6 to 4.0 using odin
    and how it works and what that 3 files

    • andromint

      Odin is for Samsung phones only.

      • daus HYT

        mr odin can i upgrade my camera megapixel using odin

        • andromint

          No, you can’t upgrade the megapixels of a camera but you can improve your camera performance by doing various tweaks and installing camera apps.

  • Runawaybishop

    have downloaded odin and gone through above steps, ie Added!!
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    S5830iXXMD1_S5830iO2IME1_S5830iXXMD1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    SetupConnection.. but thats it – it just sits there. Trying this as
    Mobile is stuck on bootloop

    • Omar Mohamed HossamEldin

      i have the same problem did you got any solutions ?

  • anirudh naik

    my phone samsung galaxy y is not connecting to any of the odin versions
    please help

  • Cris

    Hello, PLEASE HELP! I’ve downloaded a lot of ODIN from different sites, and every time I try to install it it pop ups a message “ [here Korean characters]” and cannot go further steps of the tutorials. PLEAAAAASE!! I’m in other country than where I bought my cellphone and my company cannot help me! SOO SAAAD.

    Nice day.

  • Daniel Amoh

    Computer says usb is not recognized & Odin will not recognize my vibrant SGH-T959 after passing the first phase of the flashing. All drivers are installed but when the phone reboots, the PC pop a message saying USB not recognized. Any help from you guys will be very much appreciated…

    • andromint

      Install Samsung Kies before you begin.

      • Daniel Amoh

        My phone is not running so how can I install Samsung kies, on the PC

        • andromint

          Samsung Kies is an exe file which should be installed on the PC.

          • Daniel Amoh

            Oww thanks but I’ve another challenge.
            Kies cant detect my phone in download mode and I cant get into recovery mode so what should I do next?

          • Daniel Amoh

            this is what i get…

  • naren anguluri

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 has android 4.1.2. I am fed up with the stock Samsung ROM which is waste and uses lot of space and RAm with useless apps. I wanted to flash ROM and install latest Android versions when ever they release. Could you please explain me how to get stock android what are all the software required and the procedure…thanks

  • vkijust4u

    Don’t you think at the start you should write about where to get samsung Odin number from device.

  • Deep

    i have note 2 i download odin 3.07 but i couldn’t find .tar.md5 file pls help me

  • Fernando Niño Bello

    I have a doubt In the parte of ID COM it has to be on blue or yellow? Does it matters? I have a galaxy S4 and i can´t get it done, I´m using Odin 3.04 could be the issue? thanks a lot!!

  • dead

    i have only .backup which is called
    saved in internal sd.
    after this i rooted. n install custom rom. i did not liked it and now i cant get to my original rom which is the above name.
    so right now i am using other stock rom… but i feel something is wrong with that stock rom.
    i saved this file before rooting through recovery mode. and it did not save anything else.
    and the file is 739mb

  • sebastian

    hi,Sir. can you help me? i was whit samsung gt 9000i on wifi and i was just see you phone is pick up virus. i was have avg antyvirus instal. i was try to go in meni and put back on factory set up. but when i go to reset and wipe out all what is on mobile just show on scren gt 9000 and down samsung and that its al its not show big s and sound. dont now what to do. i thin somone delet total android operativ sustav or what??? and i try now download odin and fix nobile but i cant download odin. sebastian


  • sebastian

    hi, i was download odin3 v3.09 and when i try to instal somethink on chineis say whit red. iprobebly some erore but i dont unders chines. looking version of odin to help my samsung gt-i 9000. ther is wrote to say if whit some program have problem to write to you(feedback) plees can anybody tell whyt version of odin need to fix samsung gt-i 9000. its take some virus and crush down. noow i try to put back on factory but the android program its not workin or somethink. on the scrin is samsung and gt-i 9000 and non stop its blinkin that. they dont go normal to sound,big S and ikons. dont now what to do!!! i love my phoone. i lost whit all my photos, numbers,aplications i like and instal. Plees somebody help me to my gt be ok and healty.

  • gt i9300 switched of suddenly

    can anyone tell me which firmware is best to download for s3 gt i9300 as ive got my phone two years back from dubai plz do send me the link to download it i stay in oman so hope i am able to use it thanks

  • Ashish Tamang

    thank u sir good job

  • Ashish Tamang

    i want samsung i9082 dead flashing how can do