Download Odin Latest Version 3.09, 3.07 and all Earlier Versions

Odin is developed by Samsung to help its android smartphone users to update its firmwares. It is an alternative to the Samsung Kies mini and is a very handy tool to update your phone. It is a free to use software that runs on the Windows operating system. Simply download ODIN and install is the best available option for flashing a custom ROM. Flashing is a term that is part of the ever-growing mobile lingo dictionary and it means updating or modifying your firmware; stored in the flash memory or the ROM of your smartphone.

How to use ODIN

You don’t need to be a tech expert to be able to use Odin. You just need to download the appropriate ODIN file to your computer system and run it directly, there is installation required. You need to connect your android device via a USB cord during the process. There aren’t much system requirements for this except that the Samsung USB drivers need to be installed on your PC. This will be done automatically, the first time you connect your phone via the USB cable to your computer.

Once this is done, then upgrading your phone firmware is a breeze. You can even install a custom ROM onto your system using Odin. The file types that Odin uses are *.bin,*.tar and *.tar.md5.

ODIN Download

There are several options that you can use on ODIN and some of them are; F.reset time (resetting the flash counter after upgrading the firmware), Auto-reboot (A handy option that reboots your phone automatically after you are done flashing your phone), LED control, Re-partition and flash control.

How to install Odin

There are several versions of Odin available on the net. You have to find out which version is supported by your smartphone and install the same from the list given at the end of this article.

If you have a latest Android smartphone, it is always better to install the latest version; if you are still using the earlier versions of ODIN; update it now so that you can use the version that has all the previous bugs fixed and that makes the flashing of your phone a much simpler process. Even though not all the mobiles support the latest versions, so if you face any issues with the latest version, try with an earlier one.

To install ODIN, first you need to download the zip file from the link given below. Then you need to extract the files from the zip folder. You can save this file anywhere as there is no specific location where you need to save these files.

Next you need to connect your android smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. Then switch off your phone for 30 seconds and then switch it on to ODIN mode by press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons together (The key combination may be different in some models, let us know in comments section if it doesn’t work for you).

Open the ODIN software that you extracted on your system. Once the window opens check the options based on your requirement. Click on ‘auto reboot’ and check ‘PIT’. PIT is another option for downloading files on ODIN, it is Partition Information Table. If you select this option, then the *.pit files that are available in the firmware upgrade can be browsed by you. Then select the .pit file you need to upgrade your firmware. Then press Start. Your phone will be upgraded and automatically rebooted, once the process is complete.

Download Odin

Odin version 3.09 is released recently with some new features. This new sleek version is compatible with all editions of Windows Operating System. It has a new user interface and the performance is also improved. The latest version have two new features named Auto-start and Binary Size.

Download Odin 3.09 – Link 1 / Link 2

Download Odin V3.07 – Link

Download All Earlier Versions of ODIN

Odin Download V3.06 – Link

Odin V3.04 – Link

Odin Version 1.85 – Link

Odin Version 1.83 – Link

Odin Multi Downloader All versions (v4.28, v4.29, v4.34, v4.38, v4.42, v4.43 and v4.44) – Link

If you face any issues to download or install Odin, let us know in comments.

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