The next Google input/output conference is about to happen by the end of this month. During last 12 months of time period, the search engine giant has acquired a number of companies and perhaps it could be working on several innovative products to showcase them in the upcoming developer conference. It’s no surprise we could see smart home technologies, some smart watches, new Android flavor for the folks and many other things. The event is officially scheduled to happen on June 25-26 kicking off at 9 am morning. Below are some of the expected cutting edge technologies that we are expecting to make their way into the conference.


Android 4.5 or 5.0

Android Kitkat was launched 8-9 months back and until the conference officially commences, it would be a nine month old OS. If we analyze the duration of launches, version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released 8 months after the Honeycomb 3.0, the popular Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system was released after the same time span as Ice Cream Sandwich while the key update 4.3 Jelly Bean was replaced by KitKat 4.4 last year in October. Looking to the facts, on an average, Google releases major Android updates in six months of time. This time it is expected that Google would be announcing a new operating system that would be named as ‘Lollipop’ (may be Key Lime Pie) and to be numbered either 4.5 or 5.0. There could be several updates in the upcoming operating system like improved user interface, incorporating cross platform messaging services, Hangouts can get Google Voice support and several other enhancements.

Nexus 8 Tablet

This sweet spot was ever wanted by the enthusiasts. In fact in recent times 8-inch tablets have become the talk of the town. First it was iPad which triggered the competition and Samsung soon forayed into the segment with Note 8.0 followed by Galaxy Tab 8. LG also launched G Pad 8.3, its only flagship tablet while Samsung recently released Galaxy Tab Pro 8, both of them are locking horns with each other. Obviously everyone seems to be expecting some reaction from Google too. And in fact the first such rumor leaked some time ago by official website of Google where in an image of a woman can be seen holding an 8-inch tablet with skinned bezels. Suddenly it went viral on the web and the chitchats started gaining momentum. ASUS is going fine with the Nexus range of devices and it is possible that it could be working with 8-inch tablets too, but recently a new rumor surfaced on the web that suggests that HTC could be making an 8-inch tablet for Google which would be released this summer, that’s simply points on ‘Google I/O’. It was also rumored that Google has contacted HTC because it wanted to take up a new design but it won’t be aggressive in pushing up the 8-inch tablet as it did with the previous Nexus versions.

Google Watch

Google has already announced its smart watch based Android operating system known as Android Wear. Most of the biggies like Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola have announced to partner with this new project from Google. Looking to this fact, Google would not be making its own smart watch based on Android wear, at least for now. Currently, this possibility can be taken as a grain of salt but it is certain that Motorola and LG would be soon introducing their debut smart watches.

Chromecast update

Google has up till now sold out a great deal of Chromecast dongles. The affordable digital media player currently supports a few applications. Google in order to reach the masses would be adding more application support to the device as it would not mean much if it’s not updated. Currently YouTube and Netflix are supported by the device and it is expected to get updated in coming developer conference.

Google Glass Update

The wearable computer was first showcased by the company in 2012 and in April 2014, it was open for sale for the consumers of U.S but in limited numbers.I t currently holds an aggressive price tag of $1500 and it is expected to be upgraded to a fresh API. Google currently has no plans to produce this wearable smart glass on a mass scale regarding security and privacy concerns in many countries though it may provide limited numbers of this device in these countries.

Google-Nest products

Google has grabbed home automation company Nest Labs some time ago. Nest Labs is best known for manufacturing wi-fi enabled smoke detectors and self-learning and programmable thermostats. Google has already started selling off Nest thermostat at Play Store. The product is expected to be updated for appropriate handling. Similar products could be announced at the upcoming event.

Google Robots

Google is known for innovative technologies and past six-months of time it has acquired robot maker Boston Dynamics and Titan Aerospace, producer of high-altitude solar powered drones. Amazon has done it. Now its Google’s turn to answer. Titan has the capability to boost internet signals to 1 GigaBit /second while the Massachusetts based robotic company is popular for making animal like walking robots. What could be in mind of the search engine giant? There has been no official statement from Google yet but according to some experts “the future is looking awesome”.

So these are the things we expect from the much awaited Google I/O conference 2014. Let’s wait and watch for the mega event. Stay tunes for more updates.