1. Encryption is likely to take some time about an hour or sometimes a bit longer and it depends on the amount of data your device holds. So, make sure you have sufficient time for encryption because you will lose some data if you discontinue during the process.
2. Now, make sure you have a lock screen PIN or password without which Android doesn’t enable encryption. If you do not have one, simply open the ‘settings’ menu of your device, select ‘Security’ and then tap on ‘Screen Lock.’ Finally, you need to tap the PIN or Password to set up the new PIN or password.

3. Now, your device’s storage is ready to be encrypted. Tap on the ‘Settings’ menu, select ‘Security’ and then tap on ‘Encrypt phone’ below Encryption.

4. Go through the warning information and then tap on the ‘Encrypt phone’ tab to proceed further. With this, a message suggesting you to plug in your phone will appear.
5. Here, you need to enter the lock-screen PIN or password in order to proceed with encryption.
6. Next, agree to the warning message that appears and then leave your device till it is encrypted properly. It may take an hour and do not disturb the phone while it is encrypting the storage.

7. A progress indicator shows the ongoing encryption and the remaining time. Once the process is complete, know that your device’s storage has been encrypted and you will have to enter the PIN or password whenever you boot your device, or else, the storage cannot be read.

8. Never forget the PIN/Password or else you will have to reset your device which will be erasing all the data.

Once you are done with the above discussed instructions, know that you have learned the process to encrypt Android devices.