Lock for WhatsApp Keep privacyrpk-tramplin.ru

Lock for WhatsApp Keep privacy is a lightweight app helps you to secure your WhatsApp with a 4 digit PIN. You can customize the auto lock time as per your convenience. The app also keep track of the trespassers when incorrect PIN entered.

This app is totally free and the implementation is quiet easy. You can download and install the app from here. After the installation you will see a screen to enter your PIN.

Enter the 4 digit secret and confirm it. The lock code is set now. On the next screen you can On/Off the screen lock whenever you want.
You can also set the timing for the lock from immediate to a maximum of 15 minutes.
Once you keep the WhatsApp lock ON, the 4 digit PIN will ask every time you open the WhatsApp.

Messenger App Lock

If setting a PIN is not your cup of tea, you might want to try the Messenger App Lock instead. It allows the users to secure their smartphones through a Pattern Lock. The app will lock down the WhatsApp screen until you enter the correct pattern, while let the people to use the rest of the phone without any problems. You can download and install the app from (Link not active). During the installation the app will ask you to agree a Licence agreement which states that it will add a search icon on the home screen, a bookmark will be added to the browser and modify its search homepage. If you are like me this could be a real turn off to proceed further. But if you are okay with it tap on Accept.

Next screen will allow you to enable or disable the lock and set up the Pattern.


Well that’s it! Now whenever you try to open the WhatsApp messages it will ask you to enter the pattern code.

Final Words

If you ask me, I would never prefer to install the Messenger App Lock because it’s full of ads, unwanted pop ups every other minute, automatically changes your browser default page etc. I would like to recommend you the first app as it uses very less system resources with less advertisements. You can install both the apps and keep the one which suits best for your needs.