Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 using SlimSaber ROM

Starting from the low-legacy to top-notch Android smartphones, everyone is getting Android 4.4 KitKat update. To taste Android 4.4 KitKat is like to enjoy the World’s smoothest ride. One can grab this latest update in two ways – officially and unofficially. If you have a latest series Android smartphone then you will be definitely getting an official Android 4.4 KitKat update directly from the manufacturers itself. But, the devices which have stopped receiving the updates from the manufacturers they can go with the Custom ROMs. In fact, Custom ROMs are far better than Stock ROMs.

Similarly, the case with Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 – the most popular high-end Android smartphone of one time has stopped receiving updates from the Samsung. But, that doesn’t make any sense, because developers have already developed an awesome Custom ROM for Galaxy S2 I9100 based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Here is the SlimSaber ROM, a tweaked ROM to avail a smooth and the better performance in terms of both speed and battery. The developers have already tested the ROM on the Galaxy S2 I9100 and it’s running flawlessly on the device. The SlimSaber ROM is packed with tons of new features; you can take a glance on some of the features mentioned below!


SlimSaberKitKat ROM Details

  • Compiled with a custom tool chain Sabermod for more performance and better battery life.
  • Compiled with the most GCC optimization level -O3.
  • Compiled with strict-aliasing compiler optimization.
  • Added 40+ patches to fix GCC strict-aliasing violation rules.
  • Added ARMv7 and Cortex-A9 optimized string handling routines for more smoothness and more memory optimization.
  • Added zzmoove governor to the SlimKernel.
  • Added some AOSP fixes and improvements.
  • Added some VanirAOSP fixes and improvements.
  • Added Active Display and Network Usage from ChameleonOS.
  • Disabled SQLite fsync to increase I/O performance.

Well, if you are ready to overlaid this Custom ROM on your device then below is the complete method on how to install Android 4.4.2 SlimSaber ROM on Galaxy S2 I9100. Before jumping directly to the tutorial, you must check all the “Prerequisites Steps” to be on a safe side and never forget to take back-up of the current ROM on a PC or on an external SD card. Then only, you are eligible follow the tutorial.


  • Make sure you have charged your Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 up to 70 – 80%.
  • Never forget to enable the “USB Debugging” on your device.
  • Make sure you have installed “Samsung Kies” or suitable USB drivers on your PC.
  • Ensure that you have taken the backup of current ROM.
  • Importantly, your device must possess root access and CWM Recovery installed on it.

Download Files

Steps to Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat SlimSaber ROM on Galaxy S2 I9100

Step 1: First, download both the files from the above link to your PC.
Step 2: Connect your device with your PC and copy both the files to the root directory on your device. Disconnect your device.
Step 3: It’s time to boot your device into the Recovery mode by pressing and holding “Volume Up + Home + Power” buttons together for few seconds.
Step 4: In the CWM Recovery main menu, perform the “Format/Wipe Data” and “Cache Partition” tasks to delete the existing data. Then “delete Dalvik cache” from the advanced section.
Step 5: Finally, from the CWM Recovery main menu, choose “install zip from SD card” option -> select the ROM file using the volume keys -> give “Yes” -> the installation process will start.
Step 6: Wait for the installation to complete.
Step 7: Similarly, follow the “Step 5″ and select the Gapps file to install the official “Gapps” on your device.
Step 8: Once the process is completed successfully, then select the option “reboot your device”.

Please note that, your device will take some more time to boot-up than usual. So, keep patience! Once you get the start-up screen, it means you have successfully installed the SlimSaber ROM on Galaxy S2 I9100.

The device, which was running on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread is now running on latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat. I hope you will enjoy using KitKat on your Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. Are you facing any problem in installing the ROM on your device? Then use the comment section below to get it solved! 

Edit: The ROM worked at my end but some people are complaining about the file so make sure you have a backup of your important stuff and stock ROM. And do visit official XDA thread for the known issues.

  • Anon

    I rooted my phone and installed CWM.
    I am facing problem in Step 5.
    It shows error in .zip file and exit code 7

    • andromint

      I have tested the ROM file and it’s working fine. I recommended to download the file once again, it might be corrupted.

      • Ryan

        I had the same problem, Error 7 came up and installation was terminated. The installation also advised that the folder contents was empts (not exact wording). Had to use Odin to recover the phone. End result, package did not work.

        • WolfD

          You have to make sure that the latest cwm or TWRP recovery version is installed. Older versions cannot be used for Android 4.4. Older versions end in error code 7.

        • Daniel

          Same problem here am yet to recover, phone only boots into recovery or download…still learning where to go from here :/

        • Daniel

          Found what my problem was (after much searching and decrypting acronyms)….the recovery menu I was using didn’t support KitKat….I eventually used this: (flashed it using odin) then installed the slimsaber zip…works great just gotta do Gapps now

  • Serdar Sezer

    i cant copy zip files to phone. cant mount sd.card1 or cdcard0 . what can i do for this