How to Install Flash Player for Android on Jelly Bean Devices Manually

Google decided to ditch Adobe Flash player support from Android a while back. From that time onward  there has been no flash player in default Android web browsers including Google Chrome. Although the flash player is losing its ground from the tech world and people are moving more in to HTML 5 but it is still an essential part in few websites at the moment. Therefore, we have today decided to guide you through a full-fledged process which is required to install flash player for Android device manually.

How to Install Flash Player for Android


The first thing you need to do is that you have to download a browser which will support Adobe Flash Player. Google Chrome and Opera Mini browsers do not support Adobe Flash Player so I recommend you to download Firefox Web browser or perhaps Dolphin web browser. I personally prefer Dolphin web browser more than the Firefox because apart from running Adobe Flash Player, Dolphin Web browser has a lot of other important features as well. And it’s light weight when compared to Firefox web browser. Remember, trying to install Flash Player on another web browser would surely mess it all up.

Make sure to enable the option to install the non-market apps. You can do it by going to Settings -> and tap on Unknown sources to enable installation of external apps.

Step 1

Now after you have downloaded your desired web browser on your Android which supports Adobe flash player, you will now have to download the .apk file of the Flash Player because it is not available on the Google Play Store. This .apk file of the Adobe flash player can be downloaded from the official development page on the xda developers website. Check the forum and make sure to download the latest version of the Flash player. After downloading the apk file, continue the next step.

Step 2

After downloading the .apk file of the Adobe Flash Player for Android, you now have to copy it to your device’s SD card. You can do it by mounting your phone’s disk to your PC and then copy pasting it to your phone’s SD card.

Step 3

Now you only have to install the apk file on your Android Jelly Bean 4.1/2.1/2 device. You can do this by installing a file manager on your Android. After you have the file manager, navigate to the apk file’s locations; tap on it and install it.

Step 4

Adobe flash player is now installed on your Android device running Jelly Bean. The only thing you need to do now is that you have to enable flash player on your browser. So go ahead into your browser settings and look out for the option which will enable flash player on your device.

And that is about it, you will now have flash player for android running on your Jelly Bean device.

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