How to Save the WhatsApp Profile Pic of Your Friends

Chances are very less that you are not having WhatsApp installed in your smartphone. WhatsApp allows the users to exchange messages with the people in their contacts and who uses the application.

The App is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows and Nokia phones. The app uses the same internet data plan activated in the phone and users can send the messages to their contacts without paying anything for SMS.

On the other day I was reading a thread in the internet where somebody was asking how to save the profile pic of some of his friends from the Android smartphone. Interestingly many of the replies were saying that it’s not possible as there is no option to Save the pic in the WhatsApp screen.

Even though it’s partially true that WhatsApp does not allow you to download/save the profile pics of your contacts for privacy reasons, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to sniff the profile pics of your friends. The fact is that whenever you open a profile pic, it automatically saved to the directory /sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures in your smartphone.

So the question remain is how to download/save the profile picture. Here is the steps to get the profile pic of your friends from the WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to the chat screen of that person
  • Tap on the name

How to Save the WhatsApp Profile Pic of Your Friends

  • Contact info page will appear
  • Now click on the picture


  • A full screen image of the profile picture will appear


  • Close WhatsApp
  • Open My files and go to WhatsApp directory and then to Profile Pictures. There you can see the profile pictures you have viewed in WhatsApp! Remember the name of the picture will be the contact number of that particular person.

whatsapp_profile_pic_save_3Now you can share, edit or enlarge the pics as you want.


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Edited on 03/05/2013 (WhatsApp Version 2.9.5196)

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      Glad to know that it helped. Keep visiting us for more android tips and tutorials.

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  • Aboude

    How can i see the old whatsapp profile picture of my friend ?! Do you know how ?

    • Jose

      Old profile pics are replaced by the new one when you click on it.

      • Lokeshwar Chanotra

        Hey jose its really amazing. …
        it has helped me alot as whenever I liked any body’s profile pic I asked from him or her but now I dont have to demand from them…

  • sam

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  • Rebekah

    i have a sony xperia j… im still trying to figure out how to save someone’s profile pic, thiese steps don’t work for the xperia j

    • Jose

      Install any File Manager app from the Play store. Eg:

      You will be able to find the WhatsApp directory then, and then go to Profile Pictures. You can able to see the pics there.

      • Luca

        I too have a Sony Xperia J and neither I can find where WhatsApp profile pictures are stored.
        I can easily find the WhatsApp directory in the phone’s file system, but there are no pictures in it. Even searching for all the *.jpg and *.jpeg files throughout the whole phone’s file system, the album’s photos are immediately found, but no WhatsApp profile picture is found anywhere.

        • Luca

          Sorry, ignore my post.
          Connecting the phone to my computer, WhatsApp profile pictures didn’t show up.
          Using the File Manager, I found them!

      • hafsah

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  • Srish

    This didn’t work for my Nokia Asha 311.. Can you suggest something else? or may be, its not possible…???? :(

    • Jose

      The tip should work for every platform. But first you should find out where your WhatsApp folder is located. You can find it from the File Manager. Once you find the directory location the rest of the steps are same.

  • abdul haq

    i have a nokia x3 02.. i cant find the directory folder, whats app has only one application,nothing else… there are some files stored on my memory card by the name whatsapp but when i open it ,it says unsupported format???

  • shiwangi peswani

    Great trick Jose and very helpful indeed. Let me check it on my Galaxy Grand..hope it works.
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      Hi Shiwangi, nice to see you here. Please update us whether it worked for you or not.

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  • David

    Thanks! But how do we perform similar task (Open My files to locate directory) on Iphone?

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  • Donovan

    do you need My File Pro to do this, or does the basic version cover this?

    • Jose

      The default file manager is good enough.

  • Shabbir

    One profile pic in my contacts on whats app does not enlarge, i fail to understand this as other profile pic enlarge very well. I am using an iphone 4.

    • Jose

      In that case there is a possibility that the image itself is a small one.

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  • Peter

    How does this work on the `iPhone 5 ?

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  • Dev

    It’s not working on the latest version of whatsapp….when I click on profile picture it quits the person profile and directs to whatsapp home screen….I think they’ve disabled this feature owing to some privacy concern……..can u suggest some other way? Thanks

    • Jose

      Hi Dev,

      Thanks for letting us know. Article updated.

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    how does it work for iphone 4s? please i need to know

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    It didn’t work on Windows phone. Lumia..

  • luvaboy

    cool buh a pretty long process

    • Jose

      Even though it may seems long in the article, in practical it’s actually a simple process.

  • lola

    Samsung galaxy duos
    How to save friends profile pics on android phone??
    Plzzzzzzzz suggest me.

    • Jose

      These steps mentioned in the article is for android phones. Please read the article and follow the steps.

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    How to do this in IPhone4 …

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  • Ray

    It doesn’t give me the option to save, edit or share etc. It just has the option to set the picture as…..
    How can I save the picture after going through all those steps???

  • sameer

    you can open the pic in the same way as shown above in iphone 4/5 but instead of finding it in the whatsapp directory(which cannot be done) you can take the screen shot by clicking power and home button at once thus saving it. once saved you can use edit n crop to cut the side which appears in the screen shot.

  • diana

    hey i knew that someone used a future on Whatsapp that allowed only the people on his contact list to see his photo .. How can i see the pic if i’m not on his contact list .. Help plz and thx

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    Actually it helped a ton…. m using Samsung Tab2,,,, and its like not to alll thism just open the photo once in whatsappa and then go to mile manager option as guided and just drag it to bluetooth’s tab and tbe image is saved,,, Actually very helpful tip budy

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    I have Samsung galaxy ace ,all the steps work except the last.once I have found the pic in my files whatsapp and profile pics ect..when I click on it I don’t have the option to share,delete or save or anything its just the options

    • Abhi

      Touch & Hold the pic fr some time. Option will come.

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  • Donny

    hi I found the file where the WhatsApp profile pics are saved but it’s not giving me the options to share, delete, copy, move or rename, how do i get to do that?

    • andromint

      Don’t open the file. Tap on the file from the main screen where all the pics are showing.

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    Hi every one,can anybody suggest how to save profile pics from watsapp in nokia lumia 520????

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    • andromint

      You can’t see the old pics as it is replaced with the new one when they change the pic.

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    Hello, the article is very good, but I couldn’t find the folder where the pictures are stored! My Android is a LG Optimus Me P350!

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        It’s the same procedure as mentioned in the article.

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      If you do not have a my files app on your phone you can download file manager from the app store. It is a good alternative.

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