Samsung Galaxy S4 is arrived in the stores and if you are lucky enough to get the hands on the beast already or waiting for the arrival after the order you must check what kind of covers to use for keeping the smartphone from falls and scratches.

We see a lot more offers from manufactures for the GS4 accessories in the market than we see for a typical android device, mainly because of the global success of Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. But nothing can be better than the genuine Samsung Galaxy flip cover to keep your device safe. We are reviewing the original Samsung Galaxy S4 flip cover case in this article. Unfortunately we haven’t get the chance to try the flip cover on the GS4 because we haven’t received the device yet.
samsung galaxy s4 flip cover

The flip cover replaces the back cover of Galaxy S4 with the help of flexible rubber bumpers and it gives a built-in feel for the user. The cover made up of high quality synthetic materials which provides a solid structure. The flip cover will help you to protect front screen of your device from scratches and scrapes.

This is official flip cover from Samsung, so it ensures the highest quality build materials. The Samsung Galaxy S4 flip cover costs $34.99 and available in the colors black, white, light blue, pink, lime green, orange and yellow.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Unboxing