The influence of smartphones are gone beyond calling, text messaging, gaming and entertainment. They have now reached the level of productivity and business. And when it comes to managing money of daily expenses, smartphones are a stringent requirement. Since Android has opened a plethora of options for managing day to day life, money managing apps are one of those popular apps gaining momentum everyday. These applications are easy on hands, keep you up to date and are productive in nature.We have selected these 5 best from the crowd of money managing applications available on the Play Store.

1. Toshl Finance Budget & Expense

Toshl is a versatile daily expense tracker app that can also act as a personal finance and budgeting tool. The eye catching interface and streamlined management of daily expenses has made this application garner critical acclaim around the world with BBC and New York Times among the top approvers.
The intuitive interface is designed keeping in mind the safety and privacy of the people with utmost attention to detail. Toshl not only tracking of expenses and incomes have become easy but it also organizes bills smartly and acts as a travel companion for the movers. A pass code will help keeping all your information secure and private while functionality can also be extended with synchronizing the information on multiple devices such as your personal computer, Mac and Windows mobile. We can also export data and turn on automatic back up option to remain up to date and safe. Pro version which is available at monthly and yearly subscription options, allows you to access more features like managing multiple budgets and incomes, more exporting options and monthly report through e-mail.

get-app-google-play2. Expense Manager

This absolutely free app has tons of incredible features that help in managing your daily expenses stress-free. It let you track your budget expenses via different categories which are subdivided into other categories. The application allows you to create multiple accounts in respective currencies which is quite useful when you are at workplace. Features like payment notification, taking picture of receipt, auto-fill, search and reports, etc. are outstanding.
expense-manager-android-andromintFurthermore to ease the job, we can customize categories of our expenses by payer, method of payment, date format and through changing style of buttons. Cloud synchronization and SD card backup comes handy at times while the activities can be exported in CSV format for viewing in PC. For gaining visual results, the app shows progress in charts and the inbuilt handy tools like calculator, currency converter, tip calculator, credit card calculator, sales and tax calculator makes your activities just flowing through. The app currently holds 4.3 ratings at Play Store and has been downloaded about half million times till date.

3. Easy Money-Money Manager

If you want to keep your money accounts and daily expenses at your fingertips, this is the app you always wanted. Easy Money is a complete package that combines expense manager, budget planner, bill reminder for upcoming and overdue bills and also a useful checkbook manager for all your personal financial management. Check your income and expenses, set precise monthly budgets for specific accounts, cash flow and balance through interactive reports and graphs. Automatic monitoring of budgets and receive alerts when you about to exceed your limited budget. You can accurately plan your budget according to expense categories provided in the app. The extensive range of features doesn’t end up here; you can take quick snaps of bills and receipts on the go, setup reiterating transactions, support money transfers between accounts. For keeping your account information safe and secure, a 4-digit pass code will help you out while daily automated backup option keeps you up to date. The app can be tried free for 30 days.

get-app-google-play4. MoneyWise

For handling your daily expenses, this sophisticated and yet simple to use app can track your budget wisely. The application split itself into categories for broader and easier approach to track expenses. No internet connection required, just fill up your information instantly and you are ready to go. The different easy to read graphs and charts will tell you the position of your spending by category and time, which can be an eye-opener if you are exceeding your budget limits.Your information is password protected whereas backup and export functionality is also available. Pro version is ad free and removes a number of limitations from the free one like number of accounts, limit on exporting data, tags and categories. Pro version also has some extra features like recurring transaction feature, batch operation and ability to transfer between different accounts. If you are not so serious about your budget management and don’t want more categories, free version will suffice.

<img class="size-full wp-image-2585 aligncenter" src="http://www you can look” alt=”get-app-google-play” width=”172″ height=”60″ />5. Money Lover-Money Manager

A simple and user friendly way to manage personal finances. The application acts as a personal financial assistant through which budget plans, debt management, cash book, transactions are just like a piece of cake. You will fall in love with the straightforward card-style interface this app has. There is also a widget available with the application that can be placed on the home screen. Long list of languages are supported with more than 45 types of currencies you can work on to. Besides inbuilt categories, you can also add your personal category for the convenience. New features recently included allow you to take photos of receipts and instantly attach it to a reminder to alert at a later period, handy tools like calculator, ATM finder and interest calculator, etc. Both free and paid versions are available.

get-app-google-playThe applications mentioned above are personally tested by us. If you want to keep a tap on your spending habits and want to focus more on saving time and money, then give one of these applications a try.

Still there are many useful money managing apps available in Play store and we might have missed some of them. If your favorite finance app is not included in the list please let us know in comments.