Top 5 Best Android Password Manager Apps

In past 5-10 years, internet has seen tremendous development whether it is social media, entertainment and informative field, it has grown incredibly. In such a diverse world of information, we can now hardly manage our passwords and now with smartphones in hand; it is now becoming very difficult to track all of them. And if you are one of the people who use browsers such as Chrome for storing and remembering passwords, you are possibly making a great mistake. Anybody who happens to gain access to your computer or smartphone can easily track all your passwords you have entered in the browser.

Nowadays people are more inclined towards smartphones rather than computers and laptops, so the situation can become even worse. In such case, you will need some sophisticated application build for your Android smartphones to store all your passwords in one single database. Here is the list of some 5 best Android password managers to help you out. Some of these are multi-platform i.e. you can use them on your smartphone as well on PCs and laptops.

Keeper Password & Data Vault

The versatile application comes handy and manages password and private information of your smartphones, tablets, PCs and web browsers too. We can also share records flawlessly with business team, work groups members and family members. Military 256-bit AES encryption system keeps our data safe and secure offering peace of mind. The data can also be backed up completely in cloud and in case your device falls in the wrong hands or somebody gaining unauthorized access, the application is programmed to self-destruct data stored in it. Synchronizing is convenient among other devices like PCs, Mac, iPhone and Linux.


Top 5 Best Android Password Manager Apps for Free


The mSecure Password Manager application is gaining momentum day by day. It uses ultra-secure Blowfish 256-encryption technology to protect all your personal data like account numbers, username and passwords and other confidential information. mSecure has a built-in password generator that creates ‘unguessable passwords’ for unique websites, which adds more to the security aspect. The application also has self-destruct capability if someone tries to enter password multiple times. In such case user can also turn on auto-backup and Email backup option to save important data on SD card or through email automatically. This application also includes search functionality for ease of access to your records. The application is cross-platform supported, so you can easily synchronize between your smartphones, tablets and PCs.


Top 5 Best Android Password Manager Apps for Free


If you don’t want to spend money on some encrypting application, than this application is made for you. The application is priced ‘free’ on Google Play store and has enough features to pose challenge to other paid applications. User interface is ready to hand and program contains four different modules which include Favorites, Categories, Category Editor and Lock, each performs separate duties. The program is a lightweight option for those who want to give it once a try, but there is also a paid version offering password generator and CSV import functionality.


Top 5 Best Android Password Manager Apps for Free


One of the top free password manager available on Play store allows password management either offline or online along with better security. We just have to remember the master password through which we can create and access database online or offline. The application also organizes passwords and other user data into groups and subgroups for easy navigation between them. Cross-platform supported, KeePassDroid let you synchronize through other devices and if you have Dropbox account, you can have all your personal data stored on cloud.


Top 5 Best Android Password Manager Apps for Free

LastPass Password Mgr Premium

Though it’s available as a 14-day trial version on Play Store but the moment you try it, you will be forced automatically to buy it. LassPass is a cross-platform and renowned password managing application already serving millions of users worldwide. The application consists of built-in browser which automatically fills your needed login information and saves your password. Furthermore, you can add images and audio recordings as notes to be securely saved in the application itself. When it comes to synchronization, it works brilliantly through PCs with built-in browser add-ons.


Top 5 Best Android Password Manager Apps for Free

So this was our list of top 5 best Android password manager apps available in the Google play store. Some of these are free and some are paid, make your perfect choice by going through them. Any other app you would like to see in the list? Let us know in the comments section. 

  • Becky

    I’m surprised by the list here, Roboform obviously should be included. I’ve used it for 5 years.

  • Sam Reiley

    Jose, good review but you missed a few big time password managers like RoboForm, 1Password, etc. They are better than the ones you review, so give them a try. I think RoboForm works better than the rest, whereas 1Password (Mac) GUI is a little nicer.

  • Allan_Simmons

    Not sure how well this list was researched if you leave out the first password manager on the market, RoboForm. It’s like you made a list of popular chocolates and left out Hershey’s, quite the oversight.