If you are an avid music lover, you would have already go through the Play store to check the apps to download the free music. But the issue here is that you get a lot of apps that claim to download music but you will come across some rare ones that really assist you in downloading music properly. Well, you will always desire that your music downloader should at least have the basic standard quality. So, here we are with the top 5 Music downloading apps for your Android device that assist you with a good number of standard and efficient features.

1. Tunee Music Downloader


If you have not come across any standard music downloader in the past years, then this music downloader, the Tunee Music is most likely to surprise you a lot. You won’t be coming up with any fake song as you get contents that are enriched with the original stuff.’ This is based on multi search engine and this music downloader offers a standard sound quality which is almost decent and acceptable.

Download Tunee Music Downloader from Google Play (Removed from Play store)

2. MP3 Music Download


With the growth of technology and especially after Android came into existence, you’ve got a lot of websites that grant you access to various music. These websites enable you to download music for free along with the fact of being legitimate. But if you need a free music app for your Android device, MP3 Music Download is a good option for you as it serves you with a wide range of facilities to download thousands of free and legitimate songs from various websites. This app also enables you to read the lyrics or subtitles while you are listening to any specific song.

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3. Download Copyleft music MP3


This is one of the most popular and well-known music downloading apps for Android devices and is being use in huge masses around the globe. This is rated well and has been downloaded for the maximum number as it enables you for Download Beethoven’s Classical Music, Mozart, Bach, etc. With this app, finding music is quite easy and is not congested as you search through in other apps available in the Google Play Store. It has an in-built audio player that facilitates you to listen to music as well as organize the MP3 music songs library.

Get Download Copyleft music MP3 from Google Play

4. GTunes Music Downloader


This app called the GTunes Music Downloader, has got a easy to use and unclogged interface that makes it easy for you to search, download and play millions of music files that are free and legitimate. You can play music on public domains like jamendo.com, Last.fm and 7digital.com using this app. Above all, this app enables you to create ringtones according to your needs and desires so that you can assign it to any of your specific contact.

GTunes Music Downloader from Google Play (Removed from Play store)

5. Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader

As the name suggests, this app is for all the music maniacs, freaks and lovers. This app has been rated highly and has been made available in the Google Play Store. This app is available for free and enables you to search and download millions of freely available music content on the web while you can also listen to songs on the public domain.

Download Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader from Google Play

So, these are the top 5 music downloading apps available for free on the Google Play store for your Android device. This top 5 list has been prepared based on the features and facilities that each of the apps assist with. Let us know your favorite app to download the Music through the comments section.