How to Use PC Internet Connection on Android through USB

People often use their mobile data connection to access the internet on their PCs in earlier days. But in now-a-days most of us have high-speed internet at home and these internet plans are much cheaper than the mobile data plans. And the Speed of the mobile connection will be much slower when compared to PC internet and you will be having issues to download big files through the mobile.

So what about considering to share the PC internet connection with your Android device via the USB cable? In this article I will be sharing a method to do the same which is based on the concept called “Reverse Tethering”. This method doesn’t require a WiFi or a 3G plan, but requires a rooted Android device to work.


  • Rooted Android smartphone or tablet
  • A Windows system with Internet connection

Things to Do

  • Enable the USB debugging on your android device
  • USB drivers for your system must be installed. You can get it from the manufactures website.
  • Disable the SuperSU notifications, else you will see constant notifications.

How to Use PC Internet Connection on Android through USB

  • Download the Android Reverse Tethering tool from the link. (Link 1/Link 2)
  • Connect your Android device through USB cable to your system.
  • Extract the downloaded file to a selected location and run the file ‘AndroidTool.exe‘.
  • It will automatically detect your device in the ‘Select a device‘ column. If not showing your device, do refresh.


  • Select the device and then click on the Connect button. It will connect to your Android device and install the required files.


  • On your android screen it will ask for the Superuser request for ‘Usb Tunnel’. Tap the Grant button.


  • Once it’s successfully connected, you can start browsing and open apps from your Android directly.


  • The consumed data amount will be shown on the Reverse Tethering tool screen.


Watch it in YouTube


Most applications will work properly as I have checked with Google Play store, WhatsApp and Twitter, but some may complain that you are not connected to the internet. In such cases follow the below steps to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Reboot your device once.
  • Close the Android Reverse Tethering tool and Start it again.
  • It’s also possible that your Android may not be compatible with the latest version. In such cases download the earlier version 3.2 from here and follow the steps mentioned earlier. It should work then.

Hope this article helped you to learn how to use the PC connection over your android device. If you face any issues during the configuration, let us know through the comments.

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