How to Use WhatsApp Messenger on PC and MAC

WhatsApp is a popular cross messaging system for smartphone users which allows to send messages, pictures and videos to the contacts through data plan without spending any additional money for SMS. The app also allows to create separate groups for your friends and family then share data with them.

This application is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phones and Symbian (Nokia) devices. But Many people are wondering whether is it possible to access WhatsApp Messenger o0n PC or MAC? The simple answer is yes. You can be able to use WhatsApp application from your system by installing a software called BlueStacks App Player. This software acts as an emulator and lets you run any Android app in full screen on Mac and Windows PCs.

You can use this app on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Surface Pro and Apple MAC systems. You can run not only just WhatsApp Messenger but also Angry Birds Space, Fruit Ninja, Instagram and 100s of other apps on the BlueStacks App Player.

 Remember that WhatsApp can only be installed on one device per phone number. So you required 2 different phone numbers for both devices. You can even use a land line number for this method because we will be using the Call me option to verify the account. If you want to use same number for both phone and PC then you will be asked to reverify the device every time you switch the devices.

Step by Step Guide to Install WhatsApp Messenger on PC or MAC

Here is a step by step guide to install the BlueStacks application and Use WhatsApp from Your PC or MAC.

Download and install the app from following link –


After the installation open the application. You will get a screen like below.


Now there are two options which you can use to download the apps to your PC; one is to Sync with your Android device and other is to manually install the app. In both cases you will be asked for a one time account setup to Enable the AppStore. It’s very much same as the steps from the phone. So just proceed the steps and add your account.

Now follow the steps below to add the WhatsApp Messenger application manually.

  • Click on the search icon at the right side top
  • Put ‘WhatsApp‘ in the search column and click on Find


  • Number of applications related to WA will appear. Click on Install next to ‘WhatsApp Messenger‘. Then it will ask for an app store to choose from, select anyone from the list and the app will starts downloading.
  • Once the application is successfully installed, Go to My Apps and click on WhatsApp
  • You will be asked for the country and phone number. Enter both and confirm the details.


  • In the next screen you have to enter the six digits code to activate your phone number. The application will fail to send the SMS so you have to use the ‘Call me‘ option.
  • After receiving the call on your phone, enter the 6-digits code and complete the verification.
  • Now you will be able to create the account and add contacts or sync them with WhatsApp on PC.

whatsapp on PC

That’s it, now you will be able to send and receive messages through WhatsApp Messenger on your PC. This can be considered as the best way to send a message to cell phones from your PC but the drawback is other person also have the app installed on their phone.

If you face any issues during the installation or configuration share it with us in the comments section. You can Like our Facebook page and Subscribe via Email for more such tips on Android.

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