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10 Top Reasons Why We Say Android is Better than iOS

Android better than ios

It has been very interesting to experience the battle between two major mobile operating systems – Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. These two have shared a sense of duopoly in the market and continue to cut down each other’s market share. Both OSs have its pros and cons. But here are top 10 reasons why we believe Android shines over iOS and proves to be better than it.
Android better than ios

1. Android lets the user pick the level of customization. Many default features in Android can be easily swapped with alternatives without any rooting issues. One can switch keyboards, swap home screen launchers, set a different default browser even install a replacement dialer or contacts app. It allows third-party developers to experiment with different apps.

2. Android offers seamless integration with a huge variety of Google services including Google maps, Google Hangouts, Gmail, YouTube and even Google Assistant. The sync options also perform better than iOS bottleneck sync.

3. The beauty of this UI is that it can be used on multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, phablets of various manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony to name a few. Android is spreading its operations to household goods like TV, refrigerators etc. while iOS remains rigidly connected to Apple devices.

4. It offers free use of applications and games for users compared to the paid applications and services for iOS users. Still, some concerns over quality and piracy remain over these free applications, Android keeps dominating the field.

5. Android is available on a variety of devices affordable to a wide range of customers. It can be used on a low-end device and also on a very high-end customized device too. This applicability gives it an edge over iOS which can only be used on Apple products that are considered to be in middle or high price range.

6. A development team determined to improve functionality has lessened the burden of bugs, ugly interface and lack of interesting apps. Since its appearance, Android has evolved magnificently and rules huge user base due to its innovation and flexibility and continuous improvement.

7. Animated wallpapers – for any smartphone, the wallpaper adds an attractive edge. Android provides these live wallpapers in huge style range. It brings personality and can be viewed as a statement of the person using the device. These wallpapers can also deliver the information required daily like weather updates or fun games. The user can enjoy the biggest collection of free live wallpapers using Android.

8. Custom launcher applications enable Android smartphone users to easily slide from homepage to page transitions, gestures, and effects.

9. Custom ROMs – Android being of an open source nature gives way to modified versions with additional features known as custom ROMs. It can replace Android OS on a wide variety of devices.

10. Android has this added advantage of widgets that give you at a glance view at different kinds of information, apps and configuration settings. It is easier to view information or use application through widgets.

So do you agree or disagree with our points? Share your views in the comments.

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