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Best Apps to Take Notes Easier and Faster for Android

Many people have the habit of taking notes, because it gives brief idea about what they have seen or heard. Not only that, as notes are permanent and it can refer afterwards whenever we want or to recall something which we have forgotten. Notes are extremely useful in many live events like press conferences, organizational events, video discussion, meetings, etc., which we can’t manage to remember what all have said.

Still many people carry a pen and paper to take notes. Is this making any sense? I must say no! Because we are living in modern and technological world so why carry all this stress, it’s better to use Smartphones. Every normal person owns Android smartphones and they all carry it regularly without fail! So, let’s use it to take Notes instead of playing games. Here we have a made a list of best Apps to take Notes easier and faster.

1. Google Keep

Google Keep

Facing problem in remembering information or ideas? Having short term memory loss? Then why are you putting a burden on your mind instead of using “Google Keep” app. It’s an official app provided by Google, which allows you to keep track of your thoughts via notes, lists and photos. It also offers checklist and color-code for notes. Start capturing notes without unlocking your phone, go for it!

Download Google Keep from Play store

2. Evernote

Jot down notes faster just by installing “Evernote” app on your Android Smartphones. One of the best apps to take complicated notes you want to keep track of. Open the app, give accelerator into your hands and start taking notes as fast as you can. For easy and quick access, Evernote Widget is also available.

Download Evernote from Google Play

3. Papyrus

Unlike the other two mentioned earlier, Papyrus allows to write the notes with your own hand-writing. You can use either a stylus or finger to write down the notes. It’s a free app designed to take notes in a distinct way so record each unique idea. Convert your phone into a storage bag by installing Papyrus app and it lets you to capture ideas instantly.

Download Papyrus from Google Play

So, these are our list of 3 best Apps to take Notes. I hope these apps will surely help in taking notes easier and faster on your Android device, rather than taking notes with a paper and pen. In case, if you know other best apps to take notes then we do like to hear from you. Share your views via comments!

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