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5 Best Live Wallpapers for your Android Device

Are you bored of seeing the same static wallpaper on your smartphone? Want to try something new on your screen? Then go for Live Wallpapers. Live Wallpapers are a type of wallpaper with a live animation effect which offers a better user experience. You can find hundreds of live wallpapers for your device on Play Store, but to choose an interactive one is a difficult task! Everyone wants that their home screen looks unique and interactive, instead of boring screen widgets and stable wallpaper.

So, I’ve compiled a list of 5 best live wallpapers for your Android device. Here it goes, install them and let me know how you find them.

1. Cells Live Wallpaper Free

Here comes the first and unique live wallpaper named as “Cells Live Wallpaper”. The unique is cells, when you touch your screen it forms a Honeycomb Ripple Effect of deviating colors. And when you glide your finger, the effect will follow! You will be able to change the color from settings and the best advantage of this app is that it doesn’t eat much battery. If you want to try it out this wallpaper, check the below links.

Download from Google Play | Download APK

2. Android 4.2 Live Wallpaper

Currently, the latest version of Android is 4.2 Jelly Bean and all the users want to try it out, but it isn’t possible as it depends on the device and manufacturer too. However, they can try this Android 4.2 Live Wallpaper with superb animations. If you touch the screen then you can see the water drops effect. Now “3D Photo Cube” effect is also available with this wallpaper. Download this 4.2 Live wallpaper free from the below links!

(Link not active) | Download APK

3. aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper

As the name says, it’s an aquarium based Live Wallpaper. You can put a virtual aquarium on your home-screen with live floating fishes. You can feed them by touching the screen and watch them fighting for the food. This is a free app which allows you to put the limited number of fishes at a time on the home screen. If you buy the pro version of the app you will get over 80 various fishes and use up to 20 at a time on the screen. So, first try the free version from here and if you like it then you can buy the pro version also.

Download from Google Play | Download APK

4. Asteroid Belt Free L Wallpaper

Want the solar system and asteroids live on your mobile? Then go for this awesome live planetary system and tumbling asteroids Wallpaper. The uniqueness of this app is that planet moves at the time of day. This app comes in both free versions as well as a paid version. In the free version, there are only a few settings, while the paid version allows greater customization. Get the free version from here and later on you can update to paid version.

Download from Google Play | Download APK

5. Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

Get the Christmas effect and experience winter season on your Smartphone. Not only this, there are some interactive characters who are gliding along to the softly falling snow, which creates a beautiful scenery on your device. Touch the character to see the wonderful effect as well as you can see Santa clause in a company of joyful children and adults. You can get this awesome Christmas Live Wallpaper from here for free!

Download from Google Play | Download APK

My list is completed so now your turn. Which are the most interactive live Wallpapers, you like the most from the list? Apart from this, if you know other good live wallpapers then let me know via comments!

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