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5 Innovative Alarm Clock Apps for Android to Wake You Up

While setting the alarm before sleep, people are very sure about getting up when it rings but the exact opposite happens when it actually does go off. The person convinces himself that it would take just five minutes to complete his sleep, and then he/she would be off to work in a chiffy! But putting the phone on snooze countless times will destroy the whole idea of getting up through alarm clocks, the alarm clock would hence prove, completely useless.

But there are other people in the world, who would rather like the snooze feature even more simplified. They don’t want to get out in the cold to silence their phones or snooze them. Taking into consideration all these factors, below are the 5 most innovative alarm clock apps for android that will adapt to your needs and prove a delight; and people who need to get up no matter what the condition.

1. Sleep as Android


A special app that will adapt to your sleep state. It will analyze your sleep cycle, and wake you up according to how deep you’ve went into dream land. Soft lullabies will be played if you’re a light sleeper. And the app will band your head with harsh music if you’re a heavy sleeper and won’t wake up easily. The tone will be played with gradual volume increase, so that you don’t get a heart attack. Sleep graphs and other history options can be accessed to view your sleep cycle.

Get Sleep as Android from Google Play Store

2. Wave Alarm


An app not so simple, and yet not so complicated. A very nifty feature of wave alarm is that in order to dismiss or snooze the alarm, all you have to do is wave your hand over the front facing camera of the device. And surprisingly, this also works in the dark. This means that no disturbing your self in the night for just an alarm. Beautifully designed color scheme, and very handy for people who actually need sleep, rather than eliminating it.

Get Wave Alarm from Google Play

3. Alarm Clock Xtreme


An app for all those sleepy heads out there! You are your own enemy when you set an alarm, so preventing that from happening, Alarm Clock Xtreme will make sure that you wake up completely. All sorts of tones are involved, gentle, harsh, soft, anything that will get you all freshened up for the day. The innovative part here is that in order to dismiss or snooze the alarm, the user is required to solve math problems or go through captcha. Nothing like good old maths to get your waking juices flowing.

Get Alarm Clock Xtreme from Google Play

4. WakeVoice


Wake voice is a broadcasting alarm, it will dismiss and snooze the alarm with simple commands using your voice only, no touching, no getting up. And, instead of playing heavy metal to damage your ear nerves, this app play out the weather report, RSS feed, climate, the events and calendar reminders that you’ve set, and the news so that you can start your day out by listening to something useful and informative.

Get WakeVoice from Google Play

5. Alarm Clock Plus


One of the most sensational alarm app that will stop at nothing. It has got almost everything; the math problem dismissal feature mentioned above, fade-in volume that will slowly increase the volume and not startle you, you can set the flashlight to go off with the alarm, and the best feature: Nap time countdown, an alarm easily set to give you a specific time limit to complete your naps. In Alarm clock plus, everything can be configured easily and nothing is left complicated.

Get Alarm Clock Plus from Google Play

Okay, that was our list of innovative and interesting alarm clock apps for your android smartphones and tablets. Install the apps and let us know how you find them and which one is your favorite.

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