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5 Interesting Android Apps for Kids to Improve Creativity

In today’s world, kids learn to use the technology at very early years. They are being born in the age where technology is on its peak. They able to operate smartphones and open up their favorite applications before they are able to utter words properly.

Children love to express their creativity through various forms like dancing, music, drawing, reading, etc. and parents on the other hand always want their children to occupy maximum time in learning new things. Now when the smartphones are a part of our family, developers are creating unique apps for kids so that they can stimulate their hidden creative instincts with the help of these applications. Here are some of the best Android apps made for encouraging your little ones to unleash their creativity.

Picasso – Draw, Paint, Doodle!

Children below four years of age are indulged in creating aimless drawing and this application has the same concept of doodling. Apart from creating doodles on the Android device your children could be a good artist as well. This application has all the elementary art tools needed for drawing like paint brush, eraser and color fill bucket, etc. through which your children can unleash their hidden Picasso. Elder children can decorate and play around with the photos by creating smileys, balloons, drawing mustache and tattoos and adding comments. A Brush preview mode helps recognize the brush size and effect before actually applying it on the screen canvas. It also allows to load our own pics from Gallery to do the editing.

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Sketchbook Mobile Express

This application visually represents the original ideas concealed inside the children. Artist in real life use several ways to express their ideas like making art on the street walls, splashing different colors and doodling on the canvas and sketchbook, etc. This application does the same job in a professional way for your Android devices. Sketchbook Mobile Express provides excellent set of sketching tools with intuitive user interface. The app contains basic tools like air brush, paint brush, color fill bucket, pencil and an eraser. It also contains quick undo, redo and expand commands with color selection option. For advance users and people familiar with desktop image editing applications, layer feature is integrated to help them create exquisite piece of art. It is better to install this application on devices with big screen. This software comes from the multinational media and entertainment software corporation, Autodesk.

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This is unique application is made by Google. We are all familiar with the green bug droid which is the official mascot adopted by Google for its Android operating system. Every new Android version has its own unique bug cum robot created for easy classification. But the classification doesn’t stop here. People can create their own family of Android by adding style to hair, giving them shades, putting cool spectacles on eyes, dressing them with nice befitting clothes and a lot more with the help of this app. The features do not end here. The Bug Droid can be shared with family and friends on social networking website sand can be set as a contact picture of your loved ones in your phone book. This free and creative application is a must to give a try once.

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Art of Glow

The application is similar to any other app that allows you to draw random sketches and doodles on your Android device. But the unique thing about Art of Glow is that it includes a set of special animations created for refining your work. With the help of these rich animations you can create fireworks, twinkling stars, animated text arts and many more such things on your device screen. The graphics are vibrant so the end result is charming to the eyes. The app increases excitement among the children and surely fascinates the elders as well.

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Draw Something

This application is a blend of many things in a single package. Draw Something to let your children integrate art, social and puzzling games to create unique stuffs on the Android device. You need to have Facebook account to use the social part of it. You can invite your Facebook friends which would act as a random opponent against you. For taking the most out of the ‘art’ portion, your children’s imaginative skills will be tried in which they have to draw something unique on the device with the help of colors provided for the purpose. And finally, the most interesting and funny part of the application is the guessing puzzle type game in which you and your selected opponent will guess each other’s drawing. Means, one of the players will draw something and another will guess and if you are successful in guessing the right word you will be awarded with coins from which you can buy more colors for the drawing and so on. Bomb feature is also given for altering words selection. It’s a free version and let you guess only 900 words. If you want more out of the game, you have to purchase the paid version to extend the word limit to 2,500, free coins up to 200 and 5 free bombs.

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All theseĀ apps are made for learning along with fun which are extremely necessary for your kid’s healthy development. The combination of creativity and learning act as the first stepping stones for their successful life. If we have missed any important app in this list, please feel free to remind us about that in the comment section.

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