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How to Add Personal Words to Your Android Dictionary in Easy Steps

There are many times you might have enter your name or your spouse’s name on your android phone and it gets corrected to something totally different even if you don’t want to. This is a common issue for many users.

Actually the ability to predict the word helps the users to type the texts faster, but there are many common using words in the speaking language may not be available in the dictionary. The only way to overcome this problem is to manually add personal words to your dictionary so that when you use the same words again it comes automatically in the auto complete field. It will help your typing experience better and faster.

android-dictionaryThere are two ways in Android to manually add or edit words to the dictionary; one is a relatively easy way while the other method involves some more steps.

Add Words to Your Android Personal Dictionary – Method 1

This is the easiest method to add or delete a particular word to your Android device. However you may find it boring every time you have to follow the steps whenever you face the issue. In this method, when you write a word and your dictionary does not recognize it then all you have to do is:

1. Write the word till the end.

2. Once you complete writing the word, all you have to do is long press on the word for some seconds. It will automatically added to the dictionary. On some old versions of Android, a message “Add to dictionary” will come, just tap on it.

That’s all! Now you have added that particular word to your dictionary without much difficulty. Next time when you use the word, the device will auto predict and auto complete it to the field.

Manually Add Words to Android Personal Dictionary – Method 2

This is method may be little complex for the normal users, but if you follow the steps given below, it won’t be much difficult to do and you can add hundreds of words in one go. Here are the steps to add the words to the dictionary.

1. Go to Settings on your android device.

2. Tap on ‘Language & Input’ under Personal section and select Personal dictionary.

3. Tap on the option Add. On the screen type the phrase you want to add and select the choice of language you want to add the word to. You can also define a shortcut for the word but it is optional. Then tap on Add to dictionary.


4. Repeat the Step 3, if you want to add more personal words to the dictionary.

That’s it! Now whenever you use the words which you have added to the dictionary, your Android mobile will auto predict and won’t auto correct to something totally unlike.

Final Words

These were two steps to add your personal words to Android mobile dictionary. Simply add the words you want and keep typing with ease! If you have doubts doing this, ask your questions in the comments section. We will help you as soon as we can.

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