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AirDroid: Wirelessly Manage Your Android Devices

Well, have you ever felt the need to manage your Android device via your laptop or desktop browser. There are many apps that can actually do that task but the best app among the rest would undoubtedly be AirDroid. The app rightly is and can be called as the best free app of the year. Its features i.e. wirelessly transferring the data or files from your android device to your computer is inexplicable, in other words it’s a life saver. Any android smartphone owner who prefers managing their Android device via computer should definitely take a second look at this free app.



One can confidently say that AirDroid is an impeccable app for any Android device and is best to use when you are in front of your personal computer. It is best to use Chrome browser for the best experience however, the beauty of this app lies in its ability to be accessed from any browser. In order to experience the innovation of this app, all you have to do is to type on your browser address bar and click enter. Make sure while you attempt this, your android device with AirDroid app installed is connected to the same WiFi as your computer is connected with. You will come across an option to secure the connection that is to type the password in the browser created by the AirDroid app or to scan the QR code that can be seen in the web browser. Typing the password in is highly recommended since it saves time and is easy to work with.

User Interface

The best of AirDroid is that once you are connected over the WiFi to your computer, a desktop like interface will be visible in the browser. Now, here is the awesome part, the desktop like interface will display multiple icons from your android device on the browser. What can you do? Well, once your android icons are visible and once clicked on (for e.g. click on call logs, you will be able to see number of call history both incoming and outgoing). Moreover, you can also start chat messaging via your browser. You are hereby given complete freedom to manage your phone book, call logs, messages, photos, ringtones, videos, music etc. I would like to share another example on AirDroid and its application, for e.g. you can upload and download images from and to your phone via browser. The same pattern can also be followed for Music, contacts, videos etc.
Apart from above mentioned awesome features, AirDroid will also display;

  • The WIFI connectivity strength
  • Mobile battery life and
  • Network strength

AirDroid at Google Play

It is true that Android never actually required a Windows interface to maintain data of its phone but nonetheless AirDroid does an excellent job of data management of your phone. With this new application, you can always have a backup of your music, pictures, wallpapers, ringtones, contacts etc., without having the hassle of connecting the USB wire to the computer. The more about AirDroid is spoken the less it seems, however, last but not the least, it is a must have tool for all Android users.

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