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Airplane Mode for Android and How to Use it

airplane mode for android

Our mobile phones have become indispensable to us, and we cannot imagine even a minute without them. But when aboard any airplane, we are required to switch off our cell phones as the signals from them can disrupt the communications of the flight. The airplane mode is a boon in this case, which lets us use several features when on board, without having to switch of the phone itself. The airplane mode for android disables all functions that require signal transmission. Any application or function that does not require a network can function normally.

airplane mode for android

What does the airplane mode allow you to do?

The airplane mode disables all your network connections temporarily, until you switch off the airplane mode. All network connections like internet, 2G, 3G, WI-FI will be switched off. You cannot text, instant message or make calls while on the airplane mode. Any application that runs on the internet cannot be used. However, if these applications have an offline mode then you can use them hassle-free. You can continue gaming too, as long as they don’t require the internet to do so. You can even enjoy listening to music on your phone.

On flight mode you can even draft emails or text messages, and save them for later. Whenever you are connected to network after you get off the flight, these pending messages will be sent automatically.

In some android phones, the airplane mode allows you use Bluetooth, GPS, etc. However, some airplanes may ask you to switch off your phones altogether.

Another plus point of the airplane mode in android is that it uses much less battery power. Your android phone can be used for a longer time and you need not worry about plugging it onto a power source. This feature of the airplane mode makes it very useful on flights where you don’t have easy access to a power source. It is especially useful on long distance flights.

How to switch on the airplane mode for Android

Switching on the airplane mode is quite simple. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to enable / disable the flight mode on your android device:

  • First go to your home screen and press the menu button.
  • In the menu options go to settings.
  • In the settings option you will find wireless and networks.
  • Under this option you will find the airplane mode.
  • The airplane mode appears as flight mode or offline modefor some devices, depending upon the make and the sophistication of the model.
  • Choose this option.
  • In the subsequent screen that appears select ‘On’.
  • In some devices you will have to ‘check’ this option.

To see whether you are on airplane mode or not, navigate back to your home screen. On the top right corner of your home screen, you should be able to see a tiny image of an airplane. The network signal bars will disappear and in its place you should be able to see this symbol.

You can now use your mobile phone freely on air without any worries.

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