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Best Alternatives to the Default Facebook App for Android

Almost every one of us has a Facebook account these days. There were times when people could use and access their Facebook accounts only from PC, but now, almost half of the people use their accounts from their smartphones.

The default Facebook app for iOS is quite good, it runs smooth, steady and has every possible feature in it. However, the default Facebook for Android is not much efficient, although it got some new features and a changed look after the previous update but it is still not something which we can call smooth.

Although the default Facebook app for Android is not too much competent, but there are a lot of other alternatives to the default Facebook app as well. All these alternative apps for Facebook give you almost the same experience as you get on your PC with epic smoothness. Here are the following:



Atrium is one of the best out of all these alternative apps. The User Interface of Atrium for Android is almost the same as of the default Facebook app; however, it has fewer bugs and is a lot more smoother and proficient. As a matter of fact, I can purely guarantee you the smoothness of this app, I have tested this app on one of my old (HTC Wildfire S) Android smartphones, and trust me folks, it did the Job as smooth as ever. And yes! It is also worth adding that I did not find any type of bug in this app in my first attempts.

Atrium at Google Play



Friendcaster is one of the best alternatives for Facebook on Android. You can see all the three options status, upload and check in on the top of the app, when you open the app, there are two pages which can be swiped, these pages have different field names such as News Feed, My Profile, Messages and Notifications etc. So in fact, the home page of this app is much like the one year old Facebook app for Android. Therefore, Friendcaster for Facebook can not only be used in order to avoid the lag of the default app but can also be used in order to change a bit of the feel.

Friendcaster at Google Play


The basic User Interface of Stream for Android is much like the previous app. This app also displays different field names on the home screen but on only one page. However, the colour scheme of this app is a bit different from Friendcaster. There is no Status, Check In or Upload button on the top; you have to tap on the “Write” icon in order to post an update. However, this app is perhaps more smooth and efficient than the previous app.

Stream at Google Play

So that was almost it, all these apps will indeed give you a better Facebook Experience on your Android as compared to the default app. However, I still highly recommend you folks to use the default Facebook Messaging app for chatting purposes. This is because it will give you more accurate notifications and the new chat head feature of it will give you ease of access.

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