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5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android

Best Antivirus Apps for Android

Android operating system is currently the most popular mobile operating system and the reason behind its popularity is extensive range of applications in its portfolio and its open-ended nature which allows lots of customization. But as the numbers of applications are increasing considerably, so are the chances of insecurities.

There could be many chances of malware, spywares and viruses can get in our mobiles, but as far as we download and install applications from trusted sources there are very less chances of infiltration. Also sometimes this open ended nature of Android makes it more susceptible to insecurities.

There are a number of unknown sources from where we download applications or stuffs we share with our friends via Bluetooth or Xender. Just like PCs and laptops, these unknown sources could adversely affect our device and can steal important and confidential information from our phone in no time.

Below we will mention some of the latest and popular anti-viruses for Android that could control this damage and secure your mobile from these uncertainties:

Anti-Virus Security- Free (AVG)

Every person who works on desktops must have heard about this piece of software once in their lifetime. The all-time popular anti-virus on PCs and laptops also dominates the Android world with more than 100 million downloads so far. It is one of the top rated anti-virus and anti-theft protection system for Android devices. Besides real time protection against malware and spywares, you will also get an inbuilt app locker and task killer to keep your phone secure and smooth at the same time.

It not only protects against vulnerabilities but also identifies unsecured settings of your device and advises you to fix them. It also monitors online application installations, online traffic and battery consumption to keep your phone at the optimum level. The handy list of features in one single package goes on with call and message blocker coming for your help against unwanted callers and spammers. It would be injustice if we do not mention the anti-theft features of this software which enables tracking of phone location to give you ultimate protection and peace of mind. Available in more than 15 languages, AVG’s mobile version is a must to give a shot once.

Download AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android Security 2017

Mobile Security & Anti-Virus (ESET)

This is certainly our favorite and one of the top 10 popular anti-virus softwares in the PC world. The software developed by the engineering team of ESET has done a fantastic job on Android too. ESET is critically appraised for the powerful anti-virus protection in a lightweight package. Regardless of which device you use, it gives total protection to your critical data against potentially unwanted applications, malwares and viruses.Currently the software stands at an excellent rate of 4.7 at Playstore and home to 99 percent favorable user reviews.

The software is available on a 30-day trial basis but by paying a nominal amount, you can go premium and unlock extra anti-theft, security and SMS/Call filter features. These includes features like remotely wiping all phone contents with a command of an SMS, guarding your device by sending remote commands in case any unauthorized SIM is inserted in your device. The feature further strengthens security of your phone by sending crucial phone information like IMSI, IMEI code and unauthorized SIM’s phone number to your pre-defined contact you have automated in the software itself. Enhancing the security, the premium version protects all personal information with Anti-phishing and auditing the applications. You can also easily manage your calls and SMS like setting rules of incoming and outgoing calls and blocking unwanted SMSs by purchasing the paid version.

Download Mobile Security & Anti-Virus (ESET)

Lookout Security & Antivirus

There is no reason not to try this piece of small wonder. It has all the top-notch functionalities of a standard anti-virus plus anti-theft and backup feature that will not let you stranded in case of any uncertainty. Its unique anti-theft feature let you automatically save location of your phone when the battery hits the low mark.

For more reinforcement, the application sends you an e-mail with picture and location of your phone in case it is picked up by someone else and he enters the wrong passcode several times consecutively. If you want extra features like safely browsing web, privacy adviser, remotely locking the device and wiping off your confidential data, photos and call history backup option, you have to purchase the premium version of the software.

Download Lookout Security & Antivirus

Qihoo 360 Security

This absolutely free anti-virus security software is the all-rounder when it comes to protect your device against potential risks. As the name suggests, it provides 360 degree security cover for your Android device in an agile and ad-free manner. Tested and reviewed by several denominations, Qihoo is rapidly gaining momentum on Android platform. It not only gives all-round protection against viruses, but also accelerates your phone by killing unwanted background apps and saves power to extend battery life.

The call blocking functionality gives you peace of mind from unwanted and annoying calls. Interestingly, this application can be installed side by side with other popular anti-virus application which we cannot do in our PCs in most of the cases. This is a lightweight version from the developer, for optimum safety of your mobile, another free application known as 360 Mobile Safe can be installed which offers extra features like contacts backup, data usage monitor and application manager etc.

Download Qihoo 360 Security

Mobile Security & Anti-Virus (Avast)

The last one in our list of best anti-virus software comes from the makers of Avast anti-virus software. The software which is trusted by millions of PC users has also garnered excellent reviews on Android. Besides automatically scheduling scanning process, it gives complete control or complete protection to your device by monitoring applications, tools like network meter to check the online data traffic and even a firewall (rooted device) to block unwanted hackers peeping inside your phone.

Basic and yet effective anti-theft features are provided in the free version. For more security, we can choose the premium version which unlocks features like ad-detector which tells you every minute detail about the tracking systems of these adwares, Geo-Fencing which triggers some specific actions when it reaches or exceeds your set parameters, back-up functionality, remotely recovering data and sending SMS remotely from the phone.

Download Mobile Security & Anti-Virus (Avast)


There are several anti-virus apps flooded in the market and we have briefed our best out of many. Have you ever installed any of the above applications? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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