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10 Best CyanogenMod Themes for Android Which You Should Try

‘Unique’ is the word that best describes most of our ways, especially when it comes to pampering our gadgets to the dot. And when it comes to the question of making our Android smartphone look unique, apparently the choices are many. Well, the exteriors featuring a plush look depends to a greater extent on your whims; nevertheless the display and the features can definitely take up smarter and unique looks with the aid of a CyanogenMod theme.

CyanogenMod Theme – The Buzz

We’ve heard this name buzz up every time we notice someone sport a new smartphone, or a tablet. But the question is, do these themes actually light up the glam of your phone? The answer could be a Yes. With a whole array of CyanogenMod themes to choose from, your smart phone can glee up more than before.

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What’s required?

As with any Android device, it is imperative that you root your phone prior to installing a CyanogenMod theme. Rooting has become more of a generic feature, as it enables a user to enhance the performance and peruse their smartphones with ease. Root your Android phone to get the full access so that you can try out a few of the custom ROMs.

Rooting helps a great deal of functionality, nevertheless, performs the above mentioned tasks primarily. From the entire bunch of ROMs that are available these days, CyanogenMod is more popular with almost all Android devices. So to begin with; root your phone, install CyanogenMod version 10/10.1 – the latest, and install the CyanogenMod Themes Selector (this is necessary as it helps you to choose from the array of themes that are available). The CyanogenMod Themes Chooser also required to be installed to choose from the various themes.

5 Best Free CyanogenMod Themes for your Android

HoloGlass Theme

It’s a unique theme which makes the apps and screens to become transparent and let your background shine. This theme is tested on CM 10.1 ROM but should work on other versions as well.


Download HoloGlass Theme

Crystal 2 CM10 Theme

An elegant theme with a mix of transparent textures and blueish colors. Crystal 2 is designed in terms with original JellyBean holo interface and totally compatible with CM10.1, but it should also work with similar ROMs. This is one of the highest rated theme in the Play store.

Get Crystal 2 CM10 Theme

ThyrusHolo Black CM10 Theme

Usually the custom themes come with user interface only but this one is a comprehensive theme with Google apps, Swype Keyboard, MMS, People, etc. It enhances the Jelly Bean interface well for the CM10 theme engine.
Get ThyrusHolo Black CM10 Theme

Cobalt CM9/CM10 Theme

Very innovative theme which has a minimalist design and based on Blue theme. It will work with CM9/CM10 and other similar ROMs.

Download Cobalt CM9/CM10 Theme

Jelly Bean CM9 Theme

This one is a fully customized theme includes most of the visual differences between ICS and Jelly Bean. If you are looking for the Stock Jelly Bean look, then look no further. This theme is designed for CM9.

Get Jelly Bean CM9 Theme

5 Best Paid CyanogenMod Themes for your Android

Simplex Blue Theme CM10.1

The theme features a simple and fresh look with a combination of gray and hints of blue to the touch. This feature makes it simple, attractive, and one of the most coveted and top rated CyanogenMod themes.

Get Simplex Blue Theme CM10.1

Jelly Bean Extreme CM10

If you crave for the Jelly Bean looks, then this theme is ideal for you. A completely customized Jelly Bean Theme to the featuring new icons add a taste of the Jelly Bean to your smart phone.

Download Jelly Bean Extreme CM10

Flow Theme for CM9/CM10.1

A comprehensive theme that features the best picks from all the themes. The UI, keyboard design, icons, status bar, navigation bar and more are crafted near to perfection. This theme will work with CM9/10/10.1 versions.

Download Flow Theme for CM9/CM10.1

Ubuntu CM10/10.1/10.2 Theme
A specific theme dedicated for LINUX lovers to make your smart phone look like the OS you prefer.

Get Ubuntu CM10/10.1/10.2 Theme

Holo Light Red AOKP/CM Theme

A simple, elegant, and one of the best CyanogenMod Themes, the Holo Red theme is an awesome combination of light red and white that makes it unique and stand out among the rest. The icons, navigation buttons and the other additives make this theme superior and attractive.

Download Holo Light Red AOKP/CM Theme

So, this was our list of 10 best CyanogenMod themes for Android includes free and paid. What’s your favorite CyanogenMod pick for your smart phone? Post your comments below.

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