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5 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Android – Which is Right for You?

The innovations in the 21st century especially in the world of mobile technology is no less than surprise as mobile users now have the potential to control their PCs via their smartphones with just a few touches. These cutting edge applications have made our lives a lot easier. Such forms of software programs are especially useful when we are working with a group of peoples remotely and want to control desktop PC via smartphone or tablets. Here we mention some of the best remote desktop applications available in the Playstore.

Team Viewer

If you are a regular PC user, you must have heard about this name when it comes to controlling personal computers remotely. Team Viewer is a popular remote controlling and desktop sharing program launched several years back when we haven’t heard about Android. The application which has been used on millions of computers across the world is also available for Android users who can sit back and control their computers by following some simple steps.

The program allows you to co-ordinate with your colleagues, friends and clients on the go with intuitive touch and gesture control. Team viewer for Android has inbuilt fully functional keyboard with special keys like control, alt and delete we see on our desktop keyboard. Transferring files is supported on both the directions with multi-monitor and audio and video transmission in real time. The application is absolutely free for personal users, multi-platform supported and one of the highest rated applications on Playstore with more than 10 million downloads so far.


Splashtop Remote Desktop

This unique remote desktop application allows complete control over your PC or Mac and delivers the screen right on your Android device. The application provides access to all your installed applications, documents, games and multimedia contents over wireless network.

If you are a tablet user and want to optimize performance then Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is highly recommended for the purpose. Splashtop remote desktop app has received critical appreciation around the world one of the top ‘paid’ android app on the Playstore. The application uses minimal setup requirements and easily finds your local computer on the internet using the Gmail account.


Pocket Cloud Remote desktop

In today’s world of cloud computing, this sophisticated application could be a life saver for many small and medium enterprises. The application is the gateway to secure and fast remote connectivity to Windows and Macs no matter where you are. Packed with powerful features, the application provides enterprise level security using 128-bit encryption, NLA and FIPS support and is also compatible with RDP/VNC connections.

The app is highly optimized for both smartphones and tablets by using state-of-the-art compression technology. Pocket Cloud is multi-platform supported and while there are limited features in the free application; you can unlock several advance features by purchasing the pro version.



GoToMyPc remote desktop application offers you freedom to access your contents stored on your PC from anywhere through a web browser. The program works flawlessly with your PC firewalls and doesn’t need any specific configuration. It also supports external input devices such as Bluetooth or USB connected keyboard and mouse. Not only this, you can get your documents printed remotely by configuring simple settings on host computer. Just install a 30-day trial and you will find the product worth of buying.


Jump Desktop

This application is powerful yet simplified when it comes to the user interface. Jump Desktop is easy to install and configure by following simple steps on your web browser and you are good to go. Powerful features will allow butter smooth remote desktop control experience like pinch-zoom, mouse dragging, left and right mouse click support, precision pointer movement, two finger scrolling and multi-finger tap to instantly show and hide keyboard etc. Tested on several platforms, Jump Desktop is a must buy application. By paying a nominal amount, you are actually purchasing a sophisticated tool to ease your daily processes.


There are now plenty of applications in the Android world for each categories and mentioning them all is not possible. If there is some popular and important app we fail to mention above, feel free to discuss in the comment section below so that other people can be benefited from your helpful advice.

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