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Change Holo Dark Background with Custom Color or Image on Galaxy Note 2

Mostly, all the users are familiar with Android launchers and many great launchers are available for free in the market. Have you ever thought why these launchers are developed? Why people using them? Of course, there are many reasons but one of the main reason is: “Irritating Black Background”.

We know, Android is the most customizable mobile operating system currently in the market, but we are bound to some extent such as we can’t change the app drawer background, setting background, etc. And some of these limits are removed by installing launcher on your Smartphones. But many users are very specific that they stick to the Stock launcher (pre-installed on your device by the manufacturer) only, so if those users want to change background then what to do? No problem, we’ll show the way!

First of all, Thanks to XDA Senior Member xperiacle to develop XBackground that allows you to customize certain elements of your device’s UI quickly and easily. This application replaces your Holo Dark Backgrounds or Holo Light Background with Custom Color or Image. It can also replace your notification panel with an image or color to give your device a very personal look and feel. As per the developer, currently this works for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 only. So, if you own Galaxy Note 2 then only follow the below installation guide, otherwise not. Remember, your device must be rooted to install this.

Do check: Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Guide to install XBackground on Galaxy Note 2

Step 1: Download Xposed Installer app on your device.
Step 2: Open “Xposed Installer” and click on “Install/Update”.
Step 3: Now, “Reboot your device”.
Step 4: Download and install XBackground app on our device.
Step 5: Then activate it in Xposed Installer and reboot your device.
Step 6: Now, the app from the app drawer and start changing background. To do so:

  • To change the Holo dark background with color, just tick on the color and choose the colorfrom colorpicker. Reboot it.
  • To change the Holo dark background with image, just un-tick the colorbox and choose the image from the Gallery. Reboot it.

Step 7: Done!

That’s it! A simplest and the easiest way to change background on Galaxy Note 2. In case if you face any problem in changing background or any then do share with us via comments and we will provide you the best solution for it. Enjoy. 😀


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