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Contactive Free Caller ID – It Will Change the Way You Attend Calls

Google Play Application store has thousands of apps for your android phones, ranging from the mundane to the absolutely crazy. Smart phones have changed the way we communicate and new apps are being launched every single day. Contactive is a new app that has been launched which has revamped the good old caller id on our phones. Contactive is fast proving to be popular application and here are some of the reasons why.

What exactly is Contactive?

Contactive is a new caller ID application that was launched in April, earlier this year. It uses information from your address book, social networking sites, etc to display comprehensive array of details about who is calling you. Even if a phone number is not saved in your address book, using information that is available online, this application can find out who is calling you.

Contactive has been designed by a group of engineers that are based in New York city, USA. The name is derived from World War II lingo. ‘Contactive’ refers to information about spies compiled regarding their multiple identities, by intelligence agencies. The creators of Contactive aim to change the way we look at mobile communications.

There are several permissions that are required by Contactive to provide you with this service. The application needs access to all your social networking accounts, your contacts from several social networking sites, your call logs, your messages, etc. While this may seem like an invasion of your privacy, the application needs all this information and is vital to the services that it promises to provide.

There are many applications that are available in the Google Play App Store that provide similar services but none can provide the kind of information that Contactive provides.

How helpful could Contactive prove to be?


Have you even been at a loss of words while having a conversation with someone because you don’t know what to talk about? Contactive sets about to solve this problem, by displaying all major updates that your contact makes on social networking sites; along with the caller ID; whenever they give you a call. So if you take a glance at these updates, there should be plenty to talk about!

Contactive also lets you know who is calling you, along with displaying information like location, occupation, company, etc. This way you can avoid receiving calls from people whom you don’t know, pranksters, telemarketers, etc. Contactive is a brand new way to look at Caller ID on your phone.

Another good feature about this application is that it utilises the SD card memory rather than your internal memory, unlike many other applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. This way you don’t have to keep deleting applications to make space on your internal memory.

Contactive proves to be a very useful application for people who get calls from unknown sources or is even useful as a general application. This application can be easily downloaded from Google Play App store and is free to use!

Download Contactive Free Caller ID App from Google Play

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