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Convert Texts to Cool Images Using WordCam App

Photography is one of those passions which every other person has. Although Photography is the most common trend of these days but we should not forget that photography was also one of the most highly paid and highly demanding professions previously. People had to study a lot in order to get qualified to become a professional photographer. However, these days, things have totally changed, almost every other person own a DSLR and has his/her own photography page. Or I must say, these days, we can see plethora of Photography frenzy folks.


However, the thing is that not everyone owns a DSLR, or even if he does, he still needs to posh the snaps and gives it a few finishing touches by using different applications. In fact, the height of this type of editing of photos can be imagined by the fact that people nowadays are doing photography from their Android devices or other smartphones as well. Although we should accept the fact that these smartphone companies have indeed improved the level of their device’s camera but still, one of the things which make Smartphone photography worth are the editing applications.

Now touching our today’s topic a bit; I want to acquaint you guys to this app dubbed as WordCam for Android. However, before getting into the detail of this Android app, I would like to tell you guys that this app is not a typical photography app; it is in fact a drawing app for Android which will indeed help people to boast around among their friends and family. Or on other words, we can say that it has taken those camera sketching apps for Android to a whole new level filled with art and full of creativity.

Features of WordCam for Android

So enough of the ado now, let me now discuss a bit about the WordCam app for Android it self. What this app for Android does is that it turns a piece of text into cool abstract and artistic images or portraits. Trust me folks, it indeed creates a piece of art which is worth being boasted around among your friends. It can also create those flirty and love-bird type images which you can send right away to your girlfriend and flatter her.

There are a lot of features which are offered by this amazing app. It allows you to choose different types of texts and font types and also keeps a brief record of your previously used font styles and texts. In addition to this, you can also tune the images you create and set up things such as brightness.

There are two versions of WordCam for Android available on the Play Store. One of them is a free version and the other one is the paid version which is available for 2 dollars in the Play Store. But overall, WordCam for Android is a really good and artistic app for all the Android users. I highly recommend it to all the art loving users.

Some Images created using WordCam

Download WordCam from Google Play

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