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How to Delete WhatsApp Voice Messages Completely in Android

The popular cross-platform messaging app, WhatsApp had launched the free push-to-talk voice messages in the month of August 2013 which enables the users to talk to each other all around the world with only the cost of their data connection. Since then people are using their voice to convey their messages in a better way. This service comes very handy when you are not in a position to type on your keypad or you want to hear somebody’s voice desperately but not in a situation to make a call. Send a voice message in WhatsApp is very easy, you just tap and hold the microphone icon and then release to send it.

So what if you want to send a secret message to someone and you don’t want to access it by anybody else? You would say password protects your WhatsApp altogether or delete the message from the conversation screen by the press and hold on the message, then click on the delete button. If you are firmly dependent on any of these two solutions to erase your footprint, then you will be surprised to know that voice messages are accessible from outside the WhatsApp app and even after deleting it. This is because WhatsApp saves the data to its own directory and anybody can access it from there easily. So now the question arises is how can we erase the voice messages completely from the smartphone. Follow the below steps to delete WhatsApp voice messages in android.

Delete WhatsApp Voice Messages Completely in Android

To delete a voice message, most people tap and hold on the received message, then press the delete button. They think it’s totally removed from the phone and nobody will be able to access it. Are you also thinking like the same? Then ready to be surprised!


1. On your phone, go to My files / File Manager and there you will see the WhatsApp directory, open it.Movie Rings (2017)

2. Open the folder Media and then WhatsApp Voice Notes. You will be able to see all the voice messages there which you have sent till the date. Anybody can open this folder and hear the messages easily. Surprised?!


3. Now, to delete a particular message from your phone completely, tap and hold on it, a pop-up will appear, choose the option delete, it will ask you to confirm and your message will be deleted forever.


4. That was pretty easy; wasn’t it? So take care and follow the steps next time when you send a private voice message. Better safe than sorry.

Bonus Tip: If it’s a romantic message you can copy it from there and keep it in your computer where it’s not easily accessible by others. 🙂

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  • Wasim Memon says:

    nice post jose .
    how to stop automatically download images in whats app . ?

    • andromint says:


      To do so, open WhatsApp -> Settings -> Chat settings -> Media auto-download -> tap on When using mobile data and remove tick marks from all the media files.

  • Andrea says:

    I deleted the voice message I accidently left in a group, thanks for the help, but it still appears in the group that I left a voice message but I can’t play it as I deleted it. But can others hear it still as it’s still visible?

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