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Download Android APK Files Directly from Play Store to Your Windows PC

The list of unlimited apps is one of the main reason why people prefer Android. But one limitation with Google apps is that it can be download and install through the Play store only. This is actually for security purpose but it makes inconvenience in many situations. If you do rooting, flash your ROM or do a factory reset you will lose all your apps and you need to install all your favorite apps once again through the play store and that’s a tedious job.

There are some websites available over the net which allow to download the APK files directly from their website. You can download them, copy to your SD card and install to your android devices. But the bad thing about these apks are these freebies get from third-party sources can be infected with malwares or viruses, so one cannot simply trust these third-party sources.

The way which we are going to discuss is fully trusted and authentic way to download official Android app apks from the Google Play Store. However, you should keep this in mind that you still have to pay for paid apps, the only way in which this direct apk download will help you is that it will save your time when you have to download bulky Android apps – and in some cases, also prevent you from getting errors again and again.

Download Android APK Files Directly from Play Store to Your Windows PC

We are using a software called Real APK Leecher to download the apps directly to the Windows PC. It’s a java based open source software which dubbed as an android device and allow you to download 100% original Android app apks directly to your Windows PC from Google Play Store. It means that you will have no risk of getting your Android phone violated with malware or viruses. So enough of the wait now, let us guide you through the steps which you will be needing to do in order to download direct APKs of Android apps from the Play Store.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Find the Device ID of your android device. To get this go to dialer and press *#*#8255#*#*,  the device ID along with other details will be displayed immediately on the GTalk Service Monitor.

You can also use the app Device ID to get the information on your screen quickly.

Step 2 – Download the Real APK Leecher

Step 3 –  This application does not need any installation procedure to work so open the zip file and extract it to your prefered folder.

Step 4 – Go to the Extracted folder and click on the Real APK Leecher.exe file. You will be now taken to the settings page of the software. You have to enter the Email ID and password associated with your Android device along with the Device ID which you have found in the 1st step. You can also choose a folder to save the downloaded files. Once you enter the details click on save.

Step 5 – The main screen of the application will open now. To download any app from the Play store type the app name in the search box and press Enter. You can search the apps by vendor name, package name or both.

Step 6 – To download an app, Right click on it and select ‘Download this app‘. The app will be downloaded from the Play store to the folder you have chosen earlier.

Step 7 – You can now copy this APK file to your android device and install it from there.

Tip: You can also use this method to decrease the data usage of your smartphones.

[alert-success]Very easy, isn’t it? If you face any issues to follow the procedures, let us know in the comments and we will help you out. If you found the article useful, please share it with your friends.[/alert-success]

How to Download Android App APKs Directly to your PC [Video]

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  • surya says:

    i get an error message”some error occured !close and try again”
    please solve

    • Jose says:

      Make sure you have the latest version of Real APK Leacher.

    • Behrad says:

      Dear Jose,

      I think you are an exceptional man doing all these things and thank you for all of them. Just because I live in a country where the google store does not functioning at all, I am in need of requesting you a favor. Would you accept to help me by downloading yourself just 1 apk named warkingdoms version 1.3 (www.warkingdoms) then I get it from you? I really am stucked finding a way to get it and my only chance is YOU. I hope you’ll help me on this. Thank you in advance!!!!!!

      • Behrad says:

        Thank you so much! I managed to dowload it but when I tried to install it, got message that it is corrupted file or it is not a valid APK file.
        What should I do please?

  • Staz says:

    Thank you! It worked perfectly 🙂

  • sagar says:

    always say error in network connection but my internet connection will be perfactly working…..what i do?

  • parth sharma says:

    hi i just did what you said but still i have some problems can you solve it please its bit urgent and when i try to open the real apk leacher its shows a msg box saying cannot caonnecting to server close it and try again and then i close it down and then when i search for particular app and den when i try to download it its shows again and saying “some error occurs ,close it and try again ” please help me out bro

    • Jose says:

      I just tried the software and it works fine. If the problem keeps existing, add a secondary account your android and login to the Play store with this account once. Then change the current email id and password by going to Edit -> Option in the Real APK Leacher screen. And make sure you have entered the right Device ID.
      If you have confusion to configure the software, watch this video –

  • harpreet singh says:

    the file gave me an error “could not find the main class program will exit” !!
    cannot run !! help : (

  • Devendra says:

    the main application ran but its showing ” error connectiong to the sever” and my connection is perfectly fine, if you recieve this comment 😉

  • Alex says:

    Thanks for this nice application. Does exactly what you said. Use the code that come after “android- ” in your device ID: and highlight your selection before right clicking on it.
    Could be a conflict if you log-in to Google’s play store both from his app and from your browser (helps finding the exact app).

  • casey says:

    which password i have to use in leecher ???

  • Guru says:

    Hi, Jose
    I have updated Java run time …still it says error while connecting to server

  • Adonis says:

    this app is bullshit! applied everything but still the same error, rate? o/10

  • imam says:

    “” Error Connecting to server ” but i used every way which u r said before ….
    latest APK leecher + java runtime also + verified gmail account nd pass word
    what can i do let me informed….

    • mohammed says:

      the error you talk about is related to updating the application, and that what happened to me so try searching and don’t care the error.
      but if you faced another error saying “cannot load the list of apps please check your internet connection” and your internet connection speed was good enough ,you should use a VPN connection.

  • Gagandeep Matharu says:

    Not able to download big apk files. Generally files having size below 100mb are being downloaded, but when downloading bigger than 100mb, it dwnld only 10 or 20mb and says dwnld successfull

  • Roshan says:

    It gives an error “Cannot load list of apps. Please check your internet connection”. My internet on PC is working all fine. Pl help . What to do??

  • lloyd says:

    I also had the same problem with this error conection,but then i went to my settings and sync d my google account again thn it workd properly,think we shuld give the guy credit this is an awsome aapp

  • James says:

    ehh…not working for me

  • Yan Naing says:

    It’s got problem at downloading.

    Said; 1.Bad Device ID 2.Internet connection 3. You didn’t purchase this app

    please help me out.
    thank you.

  • tanzil says:

    jose! plz b quick i have a different problem… i downloaded three or four small apps and they installed well… but when i tried the fast and the furious kabam 171 mb, it bagan to download but after it reached about 65% the downloading reversed… i mean it showed “-64” “-63” “-62” “-61” ……. i cant understand why plz help urgent !!!

  • nivetha says:

    this s really vry useful. thank u so much

  • Vers says:

    Where is the “Save As…” window that allows saving the apk file to a folder of the user’s choice? The program is also outdated and IN NEED OF A BIG UPDATE. Someone can freaking make another APK-downloader-direct-to-PC (with support with paid apps and much better UI than Real APK Leecher)?

    ALTERNATIVE: You can search for the app you like for free download on the net or go to some Chinese sites that offer free APK downloads!

  • mohit says:

    Dude ,
    this is good way to download apk’s but we have to download the data files seperately

  • Filip says:

    not able to download files bigger than 100 Mb … it download only 1% of it…

  • unknow says:

    hiee im not able to download files as getting error as bad device ID, internet connection, you didn’t purchase this app. plz sort this out for meee asap. waiting for ur replay..

  • SAM says:

    its not working its showing error any help.i have no idea about version of apk leecher ,please send give me advic

  • Vinayakrao says:

    I am trying to download the apk file but it say’s download failed
    1) Bad device ID
    2) Internet connection
    3) you didn’t purchase this app

    how to go with this issue? No problem with the internet connection it’s working fine.


    • Harsha says:

      Eve I’m getting the same ERROR, I’ve verified net connection, device ID, Email ID and my Password. but still I can’t download any file, Plz help me… 🙁

  • RAMI says:

    I cant download large apps above 20mb. Please tell me how to download

  • Anna says:

    you are awesome !
    testing please wait ..

  • Anna says:

    this code doesn’t work with my GT-I9500 !!
    please reply as soon as possible ..

  • Manjesh says:

    Working amazingly. Thank you very much.

  • tabletuser says:

    How can the device id be found on a tablet? My tablet is a Nexus 7.

  • Maaannnnn says:

    i get error like that “main class not fount program exit” plz help me

  • Matrix says:

    Works like charm…. Thanks man…

  • Aditya says:

    thnk u so much,.,
    u helped a lot n in a very easy n efficient way,.
    thnk u once again,. 🙂

  • super says:

    Use ES3 file explorer to install the file…

  • umar says:

    where is download point

  • Kumar says:

    Getting error message ” Download failed due to bad device ID or Internet connection “. I checked the device ID many times and my internet connection seems perfect. Can any one help me please…

  • Tom says:

    worked fine until today, now only this msg comes

    some error occured! close and try again!

    any idea what to do? latest version installed

  • Tirumala says:

    I got similar error as many people talking about ‘Server error’. To solve the error, I removed “android-” from the device ID and entered only number in the settings and it worked like a charm..


  • edwin says:

    downloaded the apk ..but when tried installing in my phone, it searches for wifi connection to download

  • johfyer says:

    The download seem not to work anymore.
    Is there any alternative source to download Real APK Leecher?


  • mustafa says:

    Hi, thx for giving information but i want to download apk for my tablet. But i havent internet at home and only i can download these apps from at work so i dont know tablet pc has id or not? You saying that we must know our phone id number but how can i learn my tablet pc id?

  • ~:TLH:~ says:

    This can also be done very easily using an app called AirDroid. Open Play Store search for the app and installed it on your device. Once installed launch the app and use it to connect to your PC, from the web based interface you can upload and download just about anything to or from your device.

    If you click on the App icon on the desktop of the web based interface you will be given the option to download the apps to your PC. Easy as pie.



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