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Android Device Manager Now Available in Play Store

Few days back we had mentioned Android Device Manager in our article on Ways to Track a Stolen/Lost Android Smartphone. The service launched by Google earlier this year to locate misplaced Android devices now came to the Play store. It was a web only tool at the time of initial launch. Now with the release of Android Device Manager to the Play store, users have an official app for the purpose and no need to use a third-party one.

The anti-theft app works similar to the desktop version and has everything you need whenever you loss your precious device. It has the ability to locate all the devices associated with your Google account. You can also erase all the data from your lost phone, will be able to reset the device lock screen PIN or sound an alarm through this app. It also provides an option to switch between several Google accounts, a useful option for those who have multiple number of devices and accounts.


Earlier users had to rush to a desktop and log in though a web browser to locate the device which would be difficult when you are away from your desk. Now with the mobile app, you can grab an Android device from somewhere and locate the lost device easily. However you can still use the web-based tool if you have access to a desktop.

The app is very similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone, share almost the same features. The Find My iPhone had given a big advantage to iPhone and iPad over android but that’s not the case anymore as Android is having their own such system.

This app is available for free at the Play store and we recommend to install it if you are not using it already.

Get Android Device Manager at Play store

What’s your Plan B to recover your device in case of lose or steal? Which app you have installed to locate your device? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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