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Pac-Man Dash for Android – Download APK

Pac-Man, ah! That name rings a bell in my mind. If you were a kid in the 90s, you’d go about flaunting your first experiences with this game. But that’s not the end of the story and Pac-Man had a tremendous series of hits successively. So, what’s in this game for your Android smartphone?

Sonic in Pac-Man

Pac-Man Dash for Android features Sonic, the famous hedgehog doing his best as he swaps through the various levels munching down chunks of his cookies, his evil ghost enemies, and works in parallel to add a few precious ticks to the clock. There are quite a few tricks that will help you wade through the various levels and enjoy a seamless play. A few grips move coupled with a strong and a focused stamina, as you would play a Candy Crush game is usually the forbidding factor in the game.

The momentum

As with any other running game, you do not have control over the speed of the run. All you got to do is just keep swapping forward and jump to higher levels to reach the superior platforms. Further, you don’t have to strain to turn the ghosts to blue. This feature is automatic whenever Pac Man is within the range. The advantage stands out that you get to focus more on the other tasks that are available and thus enjoy your game with ease.

Back and forth

The first twenty levels of the game are pretty easy enough and you get worked quickly to catch up with the progressive ghosts, however, this gets pretty tough as the time ticks towards zero and without any ghosts to gamble with. Every second towards the end seems a blessing and you need to toil to gain ahead progressive levels.

What’s thrilling?

What’s more thrilling is the pace of the game and the progressive nature. Well, as the hedgehog always is, you wouldn’t have noticed a more thrilling aura of Pac Man which actually comes sailing through the tubes, flying through the air and floating down the charged ramps, far from that of the conventional Pac Man delusions and antics.

Further, the presentation of the game is laudable. The screens are equally colorful and not too game savvy. The easy to use interface and the rambling music all stand out of the box, an exhilarating package. All said, the app is more like a title for Xbox Arcade.

Pac Man Dash toys

For the game lovers, there is a promising set of toys that are due for launch soon. You can enter barcodes to gain access to different characters for a certain period of time, or with any other game, choose a brownie score – cookies, to access these virtual characters at discounted rates. Each character is designed to make your game more exciting, easy, and versatile to play with. Well, not to mention the wallet-draining features, especially the cookies, as with any other game; and that is absolutely okay!

Download Pac-Man Dash for Android

You can download the Pac-Man Dash for Android at Google Play – Download ink

Download the Pac-Man Dash APK – Download Link

The Pac-Man Dash for Android does not offer anything new to the table. But the app works smoothly and plays great. If you are a great fan of Pac-Man like me, why don’t give a try as it’s free as well?

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  • Ananya says:

    This game reminds me of my childhood. I used to play Pac-man on my old video gaming console for hours, with my bro. It was a hell lot of fun. Now, it’s finally available for Android devices, I’ll download it right away and bring back those old gaming moments on my HTC One. Thanks for letting us know about it, Jose!

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