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Top 10 Emoji Apps For Android Text Messaging

Top 10 Emoji Apps For Android Text Messaging

The modern world is dominated by the messaging apps and to be honest what is more used than emoticons to show our feeling, thoughts, and passion. There are a lot of emoji keyboards and applications available in the market and as the days are passing the number of applications are releasing more in number and the business is expanding. Also, this is backed by great consumer support as millions of people are downloading these types of application of their phone and using it to continue their conversation in the virtual world. Here is the list of top 10 Emoji apps for Android text messaging which are ruling and is quite liked by the consumer in their day to day life on the virtual platform.

1. Handcent Next SMS

The first application to make it to the list is the Handcent Next SMS. This program was really famous when it first came out. A lot of reviewers gave it a five star and was a huge hit at the time! This along with the Chomp SMS application was a pretty popular messaging application to be used as a popular third-party texting application. It comes with a ton of cool features and helpful in a lot of ways. Some of its features are – a privacy box where you can keep and store your private eyes and it is password protected, SMS backup, eCards, emojis and many other cool and exciting features. The feature called Handcent Anywhere helps you to text through your computer ad tablet which is pretty amazing.

2. Mood Messenger

emoji app

Mood Messenger is a free application which can be used on your Android phones. The updated ad lastest version is available on Google Play store. It is one of the newer texting apps. It doesn’t really have a lot of features thus making this application really simple! It has chat heads and chats tabs. The GIFs, customization, theming, media features etc are available in this application. You can use it as an independent messaging application without accessing the SMS option. It has a no in-app purchase and has no advertising.

3. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is an update of an old app called TextSecure and is a social-networking tool which you can use for free. It enables you free chat and voice and video calls. The phone contacts are totally private since it is encrypted that prevents other than the sender and the recipient from reading the messages. It doesn’t collect any data about its user. It is available both for iOS devices and Android as well. iOS users can only use the app with others who are using it. However, Android users have an option to contact even those not present on the applications.

4. Textra SMS

Textra is an SMS and MMS application which can run both on Andriod and iOS. They were developed by Delicious developers. This application is free but contains ads. if you choose their premium plan then you will not have any ads running on the application. They have great customization settings, is reliable and has a ton of message options. The appearance of this application is great and you will love this application.

5. Yaata SMS

One of the cool features of Yaata SMS application is that it lets you schedule your message and let you choose when you can send the messages. I think this is a very unusual feature and is one of a kind. It also has a chat head option which is quite similar to the Facebook messaging application and I think is quite helpful top sort of your messaging contacts. It helps you to call, open a full chat screen or remove the chat until next message. It can be customized according to your preference!

6. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS application helps you to bring colour and option to your regular boring keyboard. It has a very user-friendly interface and comes with a lot of customization options. It can be customized according to the user preferences and use. Although it doesn’t support multimedia messaging, it is quite simple and helpful. It can be used on your Android mobiles and has a lot of cool exciting features. It is quite user-friendly and for first-time users, your will be an experience.

7. Swiftmoji

This keyboard is was created by the creator of Swiftkey. Swiftmoji has a special emphasis on the emoticons. It is just a basic keyword and recommends different types of emojis when you are using this keyboard for texting. It is pretty simple and features a flat design, along with multiple themes and colours for your keyboard. If the GIP option doesn’t really bother you can, then you can try this out for a simple emoji typing experience.

8. Emoji Maker

Emoji Maker is all in one package. It offers you smiley creator, emoji designer, and emoticon maker. It is simple and user-friendly. If you are using an emoji keyboard for the first time, This application is highly recommended. It is really easy to operate and takes few minutes to download on your phone.


This was a popular app for the iOS for a long time and launched to the Android in some time back. Through IMOJI you can use Gif and photos on this messaging application and they are fun to use.

10. Google Hangouts

Hangouts is a solid option for texting on your Android mobile, comes from the almighty Google themselves. It comes with an array of option and is one of the coolest app ever. This comes preinstalled with Google apps on the Android phones.

These are our list of top 10 Emoji apps for Android text messaging. Most of these apps come with iOS too. So which one is your favourite out of all these?

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