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Flash Google Edition Android 4.3 ROM on HTC One [Step-by-step]

HTC’s current flagship HTC one has sailed the market seas with quite some finesse, and after managing to gain massive support in the phone world, it certainly does not look forward to backing down. By already bearing the unique HTC Sense 5 UI skin and some blockbuster hardware improvements, the HTC One climbs up to a clear number one competitor in the list of best Android phones of 2013 (till now).

Let’s talk about the perks of being the best yet HTC phone. When a beauty like the HTC one walks in on the isle, developers tend to set their eyes on the phone for modifying its OS i.e developing ROMs, custom recoveries and different types of helpful How-to’s for unlocking certain restrictions in the phone. And when it comes to developing the best of ROMs for a phone like the HTC One, the only one you’ll find is the Google edition for it.

You would ask why? Well what’s better than getting the best from Google? you’ll get the fastest and earliest updates, lesser restrictions, the best apps, the best UI, in simple words you will be Google’s top priority for provisions. And now you can have all that on your HTC one by flashing a simple ROM.

The producing of this ROM was inevitable though, many fans already knew this and kept out a watch for getting the incomparable Google experience through the best of smartphones manufactured by the best of brands. But nothing ever works out completely ideal, does it? There’s almost always a bug to be found in a developed ROM. In this case; the absence of a data usage monitor. Although this isn’t much of an issue for many users, but anyone who finds it a problem can download monitoring apps from the play store for free (they are present in abundance). Another condition to this ROM is that it is only pertinent to GSM versions of HTC One.

Before moving on to telling you how to flash the Google edition ROM, It’s best to inform you beforehand that flashing has always been a risk, and it still is; there is always a chance that your phone might get bricked, or damage might be caused in any other way. So, before flashing, you must know that we are not responsible for the potential damage. Moving on…

How to flash Google Edition Android 4.3 ROM on HTC One

  1. It is to be noted that you’re phone must have root access before flashing, and it also must have a custom recovery installed. If you haven’t done it yet, follow the link – Root HTC One and Install CWM Touch Recovery
  2. Once it’s rooted, you must first download the preferred ROM package from here. Copy the same on the phone’s SD card/Internal Memory.
  3. You must them boot the phone into recovery by holding and pressing the “Power + Volume down” buttons.
  4. In the CWM screen, do a “Wipe data/reset”. Then go to advanced and do the “Wipe Dalvik Cache”.
  5. After which, you have to go back and choose install ZIP from SD Card or Install ZIP from internal memory. Now choose the ROM package and flash it. Wait for it to complete and then reboot the phone.

[alert-success] Congratulations! You can now enjoy the pampering services of Google on your HTC One and get the free Google privileges. If you face any problem during the Flash of Custom ROM just let us know through the comments. [/alert-success]

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