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5 Google Reader Alternatives for Android

Just a few days back the news came in hitting the online world that Google has planned to shut down the Google Reader service in this summer (July 1st 2013) including the iOS and Android apps for Google Reader. Even though nobody is aware of the exact reasons why Google is shutting down its famous Google Reader service, it seems that the search giant is putting pressure on users to shift to Google+ to share the updates and news.

The Google Reader addicts – which in our case are Android Google Reader users already started to looking for an alternative to it. Well, no worrying, there are plethora of Google Reader alternatives for Android available on the Play Store.

The below mentioned are our list of most reliable and the best Google Reader alternatives for Android.

1. Newsblur newsblur

The first one we’ve got here on the list is Newsblur for Android. Newsblur is widely used by the Android users as an alternative to the native Google Reader app and now when the native app is running out of time Newsblur has got massive amount of downloads – which are in fact, still in a constant rapidity.

Newsblur for Android is offering its users two type of accounts, one is the paid account and the other one is the free account. Both these accounts only have the disparity between the number of feeds you can subscribe to or to be more precise the free account has a really low limit of subscribing to news feeds.

Download Newsblur for Android

2. Feedly feedly

Feedly for Android is yet another alternate to the official Google Reader app. One of the best things about this app, other than its ability to sync with the native Google Reader app is that this app is specially integrated with Tablets and will give you a really high-quality experience while reading your RSS feeds.

Download Feedly for Android

3. Press press-android

This app has currently more than 50,000 downloads in the Play Store and rapidly increasing the count as the official Google Reader app is about to shut down. Press for Android proves to be a really decent Google Reader alternative for Android. The good thing about this app is that it has no ads, which makes the article reading easier and more pleasing to the eye.

Download Press for Android

4. Flipboard flipboard-android

Flipboard is not a typical Google Reader alternative but is one of the most used news reader app on both Android and iOS. Most of you might have heard about this app previously, even if you don’t then here is the scoop – it organizes your articles in a magazine-type look in relevance to the topics you select.

Download Flipboard for Android

5. Pulse News pulse-android

Just like Flipboard, Pulse News for Android is also a magazine-type news reader for Android. Pulse News for Android allows the user to add his/her favourite websites and blogs just by entering the URL or by choosing it directly from the pre-mentioned list of websites. Being a Pulse News reader user myself, I highly prefer this news reader to all the Android users as it’s easy to read and friendly user interface.

Download Pulse News for Android

So what’s your plans for the Google Reader alternative? Which one will you choose out of these five?

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