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Hide Last Seen Time in Whatsapp Easily [How to]


WhatsApp is an amazing application to send and receive text or multimedia messages over the internet without spending any dime for messaging charges. The cross-platform application is easy to use and used by around 200 million people worldwide. I have written some articles about WhatsApp; How to Use WhatsApp for PC or MAC and How to Save the WhatsApp Profile Pic of Your Friends, and they have got some amazing response which made me to write some more articles about WhatsApp tips and tricks.
Hide Last Seen Time in Whatsapp

WhatsApp has lots of interesting features but the “last seen” option can be problematic if you don’t want to show someone when you have checked the messages. Unfortunately Whatsapp doesn’t allow options for Invisible or Offline like some other messaging services provide. So we have to look for some external options other than Whatsapp itself to hide the updated last seen time to others. Here are two different ways to fool people with your last seen time.

Hide Last Seen time Using “Not Last Seen” App

You gonna love this! There is a simple app available called “Not Last Seen” to restrict WhatsApp to update the latest time on the screen. The app is not available in the Play store so you have to download the app from the link given in the article.

What it actually does it deactivate the data connections while you open the WhatsApp screen so that the servers won’t update with your latest check-in time.

  1. Download and install the Not Last Seen app from here (root not required).
  2. Open the app and enable ‘Block Last Seen!’
  3. Open the WhatsApp, now you will see the data connection went off automatically as soon as you open WA.
  4. Read and send the messages, then close the WA screen.
  5. Once you’re out of the WA screen, the data connection will enable automatically and will send the composed messages.

The app is easy to use and lifesaver for some people for sure.

How to Hide Last Seen time in WhatsApp Manually

You can also restrict WhatsApp to update the last seen time by doing some manual steps. What you need to do is disable the data network and WiFi before opening the WhatsApp screen.

  • Once the internet access is disconnected open the WhatsApp, then read and send messages.
  • Close the WA and enable the internet access. Once the internet connectivity is reestablished the app will synchronized with the servers and send your messages. But the servers won’t update with your last login time.

Hope it helped! Enjoy these methods to hide your login time to others until WhatApp officially adds an invisible option for the users.

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  • shivesh says:

    Awesome logic man….its a simple thing to switch off the data connections…but m sure it wont strike to most of the people including me……..great

  • saby says:

    Didn’t know about the app for this, but I’ve been using the second one since I’m using whatsapp.

  • Elle says:

    For the app in order to see your friends last seen time, the techniques they give don’t seem to work, so you’re blocking both your last seen date and your friends.

  • RAJ THAKKAR says:

    but then you will not be able to see the time & date of your friends as well, another thing you will not be able to download videos because it requires to be logged in with the data connection ON & if you will send any message with data connection off & then you will switch on the data connection server will show your last time to the person to whom you have replied.

  • bizzkit says:

    Question. Whilst the ‘Not Last Seen’ app is active, is the sender able to tell whether or not their message has been delivered or read?
    When message is read/delivered to recipient’s phone there is normally a double tick.

    • sadiya says:

      Hi….even i have the same query….can someone pls respond

      • andromint says:

        The message will send once you close the WhatsApp screen. Next time when you reopen the WA you will be able to see the double tick marks if the message deivered successfully.

        • sadiya says:

          Thanks for ur response.i still need some clarification. Assume the user has installed “not last seen” app. I have sent a message to that user. However once the user opens whatsappthe network goes off. Will i still see two ticks. Assumig that the user does not want me to know that he is using whatsapp. Ur help will be appreciated.

  • Darshan Gajara says:

    I loved your second method..the manual one.
    Good use of brains.

  • vishal singh says:

    i m using whttsapp on lappy ,for lappy its awesome software
    to hide last seen ..
    its very good for those guys who have GFs…

  • mahesh says:

    Owsome its really helpful for me thanks its very good aap I love it…

  • Vanda says:

    Question about 2. method: Without data connection “Send” button is not active,so I can not send messages. 🙁 I don’t want to hide when I was last active,but I don’t want it always to be updated. (iphone)

  • Roger says:

    can someone explain how ‘last seen’ works, I still dont get it. And why I want to turn it off?

  • Jena says:

    “Last seen” basically keeps track of your contacts’ activities. If I send a message to my friend, Sam at 7:33 and she doesn’t answer, I can check her status to see when was the last time she appeared on Whatsapp. So, if her “last seen” time was 7:46, chances are she read my message and chose not to reply or couldn’t reply (out of service, phone died, took a call and forgot about the message)

    With the second option, is that a one-off exercise, or does it have to be done every time you want to send a message?

  • zerbow says:

    the manual way is amaaazing .. thank you sooo much 🙂 🙂

  • Iron says:

    By using the application, i think we could not see the last seen for our contacts???

  • sara says:

    i hope it will be good

  • Benny says:

    Is there a way of blocking someone so that they cannot see your whatsapp profile picture AND status update? because what I have found out thus far is that if you block someone it means they will not be able to send you chats but for me that’s not enough. We mostly prefer someone not being able to see what you are on about rather than them nnot being able to send you chats cause I can ignore them

  • Puneet says:

    You will not be able to share music or video unless u will not go online .. Hence problem not resolved .

    Need a feature like in iphone to hide timestamp from Whatsapp.

  • muhammed says:

    how can use whatsapp on pc

  • ramesh tejam says:

    Nt open de link for whats up last seen blokr

  • Jayems says:

    It works! great!

  • mhmd says:

    Hi I have tried the link but it worked but I dont know how to hide the online status please contact me on :[email protected]

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